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Doctor Roland Wong

dr-wongDr. Roland Wong took these oaths to heart, risking his license to help a host of patients struggling to make ends meet.

Over a period of four years, Dr. Wong billed the government $1.8 million in special diet allowance forms, making eligible his poorest patients to a monthly allowance of up to $250. Dr. Wong, seeing the poverty of some of his patients, helped the poor where our government chose not to: he liberally filed for the fund on many of his patients’ behalf. To the individuals receiving the extra help, Dr. Wong was no doubt a god-send. A Robin Hood without the tights.

But to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Dr. Wong was ‘taking advantage’ of his position as doctor by being an advocate for the poor. They’ve reacted by fining him, throwing him in court, and making him cover the cost of the hearing. Here at Operation Maple, we honour Dr. Wong for his commitment to helping people unable to stay out of the jaws of poverty. If the Ontario government actually cared to correct the problem of poverty, we wouldn’t need a Dr. Robin Hood! $1.8 million is a paltry number when compared to the billions handed over to companies in corporate tax breaks and bank bailouts, and the College should be embarrassed for punishing a man so clearly committed to good.

Well, that’s where we come in. Dr. Wong, we thank you for feeding the poor, and support you through your trial. Ontario looks forward to seeing you back in practice!


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Every Monday afternoon just like clockwork, you’ll find them in front of Jackson Square, in Hamilton, encouraging people to take action. They’re members of USW local 1005 and rock solid in their belief that we can have a better world. They engage in dialogue, pass out leaflets, do whatever they can to help people understand the real damaging effects of government programs: the so-called austerity agenda and trade agreements that take thousands of jobs away from Canadians. They’ve always been first in line to fight back against injustice. Against the callous profiteering of major companies that close shop overnight and head for countries with cheaper labour and poor labour laws. They stand up for equal access to public health care, and oppose all cuts that hurt workers and their families. And they care about always telling the truth to everyone, which is why they’ve also travelled across provinces to spread solidarity at many meaningful actions. USW 1005 welcomed Operation Maple into their family and we couldn’t have produced our Code Red and Irish Eyes pieces without their valuable information and the fire of local 1005 poet Bill Mahoney! We salute their tireless efforts towards creating a more just society for everyone!




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