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Corporations Make Shocking Discovery!



 In a stunning, unexpected development, the 21st Annual Conference of Montreal has announced their most shocking discovery to date that growing inequality is actually a threat to the well-being of many!

Conference members were delighted to add this to their top 3 discoveries of all time:

1) that tree roots usually point downwards
2) that the food chain is NOT an actual chain made up of onion rings and fruit-by-the-foot, and
3) that rain drops are invariably wet.

Central Bankers CEOs and John Manley of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives who were present at the conference, all said that this new discovery on income inequality was the most startling in years. “It came as a shock to us all” said Manley. “Who would have thought?”

Christian Noyer , governor of the Bank of France, also came out with a stunning discovery of his own: Governments and corporations, he announced to the startled audience, had to make an effort to create jobs!

James Peterson, a homeless man who lives on a grate outside the conference centre, said that while he was pleased the suits had made these discoveries, he was anxious for the Conference to end since the fumes from the parked limos had him gagging half the time and he wasn’t able to get a good night’s rest.

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