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Say NO To Food Waste

Every year Canadians throw away 27 billion dollars worth of food, enough to feed over 5 million Canadian families. Half of the wasted food comes from our own homes. 

Why do we waste food? As consumers, we want only food that is aesthetically pleasing. In fact, supermarkets throw away 30% of fruits and vegetables before they even make it to their shelves.

Check out “Dumpster Diving 101” to see how one group in Ontario is saying “no” to food waste and reclaiming damaged goods.

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 What Happens when the NDP Turns Right?

Two major Saskatchewan papers: Leader-Post and Star Phoenix recently published an article by Murray Mandryk that warned the NDP to stay away from left-wing ideas.

Why? Dr. John Conway (University of Regina) has come up with some interesting facts. 

Check out what voter turnout looks like when the NDP leans right as opposed to left:


CONCLUSION: Stick to your roots, NDP leaders, we already have enough right-wingers in government.

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 Ontario's Disappearing Farmland


Every day in Ontario, more than
350 acres of farm land are lost to developers. Over the past 35 years this has meant the loss of two and a half million acres or 1.1 million hectares in this province alone.

Once prime farmland is developed and paved over it never comes back. It takes thousands of years for topsoil to develop through natural processes.

Source: Statistics Canada via Ontario Farmland Trust & Guelph Mercury Newspaper 


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Canada is the only G8 country to eliminate door-to-door postal service.
Find out more here: 'The Truth About Door- to-Door Mail Delivery & Community Mailboxes'


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High Deficit: Who's To Blame?

A new government budget is brought in and the huge deficit gets centre stage: Wow! Something has to be done, say the politicians. Our credit rating could be at stake, here. Who's to blame? The worker. Every time. Or, as an article in mainstream media just pointed out, the “soon-to-be-pouting public sector unions” have to be stopped. After all, “half the government budget goes to public services”, the article so self-righteously says. But NEVER is mention made of corporate Canada’s $625 BILLION just sitting there amassing more wealth or being sent offshore to avoid paying taxes in Canada! But yet the deficit is “our” problem…we’ll all have to tighten our belts.

blametheworker2Workers never asked companies to leave Canada so the company could make bigger profits off shore; never asked the Government of Canada to bring in free trade agreements that give them this right; never asked government to take away decent paying jobs and replace them with jobs that pay minimum wage. Cashiers and retail sales workers in Canada now make up 11.3% of total employment. In order to earn even greater profits by cutting benefits, most corporations, including the wealthy banks, force their employees to work part time. Workers had nothing whatever to do with this sorry state of affairs. Why blame them?


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