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The Infastructure Edition


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.11.56 PM

40,092 Dollars
**As of July 2nd 2015

That is the amount the Shoal Lake 40 First Nation in Manitoba has raised so far in its crowdfunding campaign. Their target is 10 Million Dollars. They want to use the money to pay the Federal Government’s portion of an all-weather road that will give the people access to clean water. The Province and the Municipalities all think it is the right thing to do…but the Federal Government, who have a constitutional obligation to first Nations, is balking at the idea.

72 Million Dollars

That`s how much of a special federal infrastructure fund was funneled into Conservative Ridings, across the country, completely out of whack with how many votes or ridings Conservatives actually have. And that money was spent on parks and rec centres…all good things in themselves but not quite as important as CLEAN WATER…and parks aren`t really a Federal Responsibility like ABORIGINAL ISSUES…

It is a DISGRACE, a SIN, A SHAME, a TRAVESTY that the Federal Government can find money for parks, perks and ad campaigns but can`t get its act together to help build a road so people can get clean water…

The people of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation are serious…and you can help out…just go here (https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/810jw4) and follow the links…then tell everyone you know that you stepped up and did want Stephen Harper and his sleazy Conservative Colleagues wouldn`t do…

Sources: Globe & Mail, FundRazr

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$56,000 in profit every SECOND!

cash stack2 322

The six biggest private banks — CIBC, BMO, National Bank, RBC, Scotia and TD — earn profits of over $30 BILLION a year.

That works out to about $80 million in profit per day, or about $56,000 in profit every second. Worth repeating: $56,000 in profit every SECOND!

Sources: Huffington Post

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The Food Insecurity Edition Part 2

dairyfarmThey say don’t cry over spilt milk but what if it is:

800,000 Litres of Milk

That’s how much milk the Dairy Farmers of Ontario ‘dumped’ into lagoons…it was worth 500,000 dollars but the geniuses responsible for the move couldn’t scramble fast enough to think of a way of not wasting it.

This country has a really strange attitude towards food…we sold our wheat board to Saudi Arabia, food bank usage jumps every month all across the country, the most conservative estimate is that we waste about 20% of all food and now we are dumping milk because we can’t figure out how to use it to feed people who lack the resources to feed themselves.

Last week we brought you the Holy Shit Fact about Halifax as the least food secure city in the country and yet…no one wants to talk about food as an issue in the upcoming election…the Prime Minister wants to talk about banning Niqabs at citizenship ceremonies but doesn’t seem to give a damn whether the person behind the veil might actually be hungry.

We are the breadbasket of the world and our food corporations make billions selling French-fries in Brazil and Wheat to Asia. But somehow in all the billions to be made we can’t figure out how to not waste food or how to feed the starving.

Sources: Globe and Mail, Operation Maple

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The Bribe-Voters Edition

It is an honoured Canadian Political Tradition: as an election looms, the Government takes tax revenues and uses them to bribe the voters…it’s sort of like the mugger who takes your money at knife point and then gives you a ticket to take the bus home because he has also taken your car…

Two Examples from Recent Days:

$2.3 Million Dollars
That’s the final tally for photographing Cabinet Ministers for publicity photos for the campaign trail. Surely 50 thousand bucks per cabinet minister is a bit steep, after all your niece could photograph a whole wedding for 1,000 bucks…yeah, but the federal minister in charge doesn’t agree: “The government of Canada has an obligation to communicate with the public and we take our responsibilities to taxpayers very seriously in this regard.”

clementThat’s Tony Clement explaining why the $2.3 million dollar tab for a few Instagram shots wasn’t excessive…he spent 2.3 million dollars of our money on photos of them because he takes his responsibility to communicate with us very seriously. Imagine what he`d do to us if what he wanted to rip us off…

So we decided to check around to see what a top-of-the-line corporate photographer would charge, and found the TOP rate was $300/hr. Okay! Okay! Make it $500 an hour - what the hell, let’s just throw money (our money) at them…these are important ministers, after all.

But at $500 an hour, the photo shoot would have taken OVER 5000 hours! OR, $60,000 per cabinet minister. Even if we could bring Yousuf Karsh back to life and pay out $20,000 per portrait (Karsh charged only $5000), the cost of the shoot would still have saved tax payers close to 2 Million bucks. Surely we need to see a cost breakdown of this monstrous shoot…don’t you think? Seriously…

Example #2 of the Great Conservative Taxpayer Rip-Off:

$14 Billion Dollars
That’s the amount of infrastructure spending that the Conservatives are going to unveil over the next 4 months leading up to the election in October - roads, bridges, ferry docks, sewers, etc. Now two things to keep in mind…

harper actionplanFirst…this may all sound familiar to you because these projects were all promised two years ago but never delivered on, because why spend money when it is needed when you can spend the money when it gets you votes and,

Second…in addition to getting credit for this twice…all the lying fact-hating Conservative Cronies are really going to do is announce the spending again. Listen, we aren’t talking shovels in the ground or paychecks in the pocket here, we’re talking promises and campaign photo-ops…and of course if they win they can promise it again. And again. Until we finally get so fed up with their lies and deceits that we’ll root them out of office so badly that they’ll be too ashamed to ever run again! Surely that time has come!

Oh! And a big BUT…we need to see the cost breakdown of that camera shoot. It’ll have Karsh screaming from his grave…

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The Food VS Security Edition


Halifax has just been ranked as the most expensive city in Canada to buy food - more expensive than even Vancouver and Toronto, two of the most expensive cities in the country. Seriously this is a disgrace.

What’s more important to Stephen Harper than the ability of people to buy food? Border security! That’s why he’s promised 137 Million for increased border security, saying “no country can sustain its prosperity without the relentless defence of its borders.”

That’s the number of Haligonians who experience ‘food insecurity’ every month. That’s one in every five who are not sure about whether there is enough food to make it through another month.

That’s the increase in use of Halifax food banks in the last year.

Gee…We would have thought that having enough food might be almost as important as border security when it comes to the "prosperity of the nation".

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