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How the Cost Cutting Conservatives Actually Did Create Jobs…for Their Own Cronies

In Paul Martin’s last year as Prime Minister there were 452 politically appointed staff people in the PMO and Cabinet Minister offices. This year as we approach the end of Harper’s term in office the number has jumped to 549. These are well paying jobs handed out to friends of the government. In the Prime Minister’s office alone the number of ‘special’ appointments has grown from 68 under Paul Martin to 94 under Stephen Harper. Given the fact that Harper doesn’t really believe in governing and Martin did, observers are at a loss to understand why it takes Harper 38% more staff to non-govern than it did Martin to govern.

There are all kinds of words that could be used to describe this situation: bloated, excessive, wasteful and out of control. But the real word that should be used is HYPOCRITICAL Harper has killed thousands of jobs that provide important services to Canadians yet he has no trouble paying his friends and allies big government bucks to so long as they support him.

Source: Ottawa Citizen


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Moms on Maternity Leave


That’s the number of women denied Unemployment benefits since 2002 because they had the nerve to get ill while on maternity leave. For ten years the government interpreted the rule that said a pregnant woman or a woman on maternity leave was entitled to benefits as long as she “was otherwise available for work” as meaning if she got ill, they could cut off her benefits. So that’s what they did to 60,000 women.

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In 2012 an arbitrator called foul and the government changed the rules but still refused to compensate the women they had already ripped off. Some women, who had the gumption to sue, were secretly compensated but so far 59, 650 women are still waiting to see if their class action suit might actually get them a handful of cash and a small taste of justice.


The hypocrisy of this whole situation tells you how truly ‘family-friendly’ the Harper Government is. Not!

Source: Toronto Star


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Comeback 220


Thoughts of John Ralston Saul in his latest book, The Comeback:

“Stephen Harper is running Parliament in a manner that fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and Argentinian strongman Juan Perón would admire.”

“The prime minister’s use of gigantic omnibus bills makes a mockery of democracy. This was a direct negation of our democratic system,” in reference to two omnibus bills — C-38 and C-45 — which he says amended 133 laws."



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 Scotia Bank to lay off 1200 employees even though the bank made a record annual profit of $6.7-billion in 2013.



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The gap between CEO earnings and workers’ pay is wider in Canada than almost anywhere else in the world, with CEOs earning 206 times more than the average worker.
Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.25.41 PM

Source: Huffington Post


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