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The gap between CEO earnings and workers’ pay is wider in Canada than almost anywhere else in the world, with CEOs earning 206 times more than the average worker.
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Source: Huffington Post


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File This One Under "Unbelieveable" 

Number of Ontario households waiting on affordable housing
in 2010: 141,635
in 2014: 165,068

kb poverty01.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxDeb Mathews, the Ontario Government Minister responsible for a Poverty Reduction Strategy, spent four years coming up with such a strategy. Every group she spoke with stressed the importance of increasing the social assistance rates, which had been severely cut back by Mike Harris back in the mid 90s. Yet her final report, released just recently, excluded that one request.


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149,000 children in the city of Toronto live in poverty. That’s nearly the whole population of Saskatoon.
(Toronto Star Aug 27/14)

Why are so many children living in poverty?
Because of the shamefully low minimum wage...being kept this low because those we elect represent the interests not of the 149,000 children but those of the very wealthy: corporations who now sit on hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars and doing nothing with it.

Labour Day is a time to remember that not much has changed with the power of workers’ voices in the last 100 years. Unless WE pressure our elected politicians to represent US, nothing will change. 

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Say NO To Food Waste

Every year Canadians throw away 27 billion dollars worth of food, enough to feed over 5 million Canadian families. Half of the wasted food comes from our own homes. 

Why do we waste food? As consumers, we want only food that is aesthetically pleasing. In fact, supermarkets throw away 30% of fruits and vegetables before they even make it to their shelves.

Check out “Dumpster Diving 101” to see how one group in Ontario is saying “no” to food waste and reclaiming damaged goods.

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 What Happens when the NDP Turns Right?

Two major Saskatchewan papers: Leader-Post and Star Phoenix recently published an article by Murray Mandryk that warned the NDP to stay away from left-wing ideas.

Why? Dr. John Conway (University of Regina) has come up with some interesting facts. 

Check out what voter turnout looks like when the NDP leans right as opposed to left:


CONCLUSION: Stick to your roots, NDP leaders, we already have enough right-wingers in government.

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