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The Part Time, Temporary, Precarious, Edition


That`s the percentage of the labour force that is “employed on temporary or short-term contracts in informal jobs often without any contract, under their own­ account arrangements or in unpaid family jobs.” And that`s not among youth or minority groups. That's 75% of all workers around the world! 3 out of 4 people on this planet holds a so-called “precarious” job. Think it seems high? That`s because the media keeps talking about jobless rates as if all jobs are created equal; and Harper…that man who believes Corporations are Gods and unionists are the devil, just keeps insisting the economy is doing great! But who for?

The reality is that the jobless rate is rigged. According to Harper and his cronies, a job is a job. That’s why Harper announced to the media just last week that his government had created a million and a half jobs since the recession. What he failed to mention was that the majority of these jobs were low wage, poverty paying jobs…because businesses want to avoid paying any benefits, want to retain the right to dispose of the worker on a whim, and want the ability to schedule the person without regard to the idea that the worker might have demands other than work. And don`t take our word for it. This comes straight from the statisticians at the International Labor Organization. Yes they still have statisticians, unlike Canada where they are considered a frill. So just remember, when politicians tell you the economy is strong, that jobs are being created…just stare them in the eyes and wonder…why is this guy lying to me?

Sources: United Nations News Service

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The Air Canada Edition

121496453 82b8a08818 mLast time you were on an Air Canada flight, eating cold camembert and broken crackers…sorry that’s what they serve Senators…the rest of us survive on weak coffee…think back to the safety video…the sultry voice assures you that your safety is their first priority…that’s a lie…

791,300 Dollars

That’s how much Calvin Rovinescu will get as an annual pension once he hits 65. Calvin is the CEO of Air Canada and he must be one heck of a CEO…because up until last November his pension was going to be 414,000 but the Board of Directors figured…they’d top it up….Remember Air Canada is a corporation that is deeply behind in its payments into the employee pension plan…and what makes all of this just intolerable is that according to some experts the changes to his pension deal is just a sleazy way of getting around restriction on executive compensation that Ottawa imposed when Air Canada sought a bit of help in getting out of its pension hole…

So where’s the outrage…where are the shareholders screaming bloody murder…where are the Federal Inspectors pouring through the books…oh that’s right…up in the business class and ‘premium economy’ seats…laughing at the rest of us crammed into the cheap seats being attended to by underpaid over worked flight attendants…remember…whatever they tell you…noting about you is their first priority…

Sources: Globe and Mail

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The Penny Wise Edition


3.4 Billion

That’s how much the Federal Government scored (well not so much scored…after all almost a billion of that is because the Canadian Dollar sucks...) last week when it dumped 73,389,831 shares in General Motors.

It is a crap deal and badly done to score cheap points. Harper and his fact hating cronies have a thing for balanced budgets and they are bound and determined to deliver on April 21st…but the problem is that the drop in oil prices means a steep decline in revenues so they need quick cash to boost their bottom line…

So some genius in the Department of Finance said let’s sell the shares in GM which we bought way back when during the financial crisis to help keep the auto industry alive…

So we, the Canadian Public, saved a company, which has ever since tried to play financial blackmail on the country and refuses to this day to give a long term commitment to the Canada, Ontario or its own workers, all of whom pulled out all the stops to keep the company afloat. So our Federal Government takes its one bargaining chip…an ownership stake in the company and tosses it away…not for a promise of jobs or a commitment to the future of automobile manufacturing but in order to do an accounting trick and balance the books…

And by the way selling these shares the way the Government did means they actually lost money…they could have held on and sold when the shares were higher but they wanted to….yep…balance the books….

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food banks

There are now more food banks in Canada then there are McDonald's.

Source: BC Teacher's Federation

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The Minimum Wage Edition

25 Cents

That’s how much the minimum wage in Ontario is going to go up...that’s in 6 MONTHS!!!! From now.

Given all the hype: you’d get the impression from the announcement last week that Premier Wynne’s Liberal government had found the cure to poverty.


Back in 2014, before the election, that was exactly the impression Wynne wanted you to have…“I think the vast majority of people in Ontario understand it’s very difficult to make ends meet living on minimum wage and that there needs to be a fair way of allowing minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living,” But 25 cents an hour? If you work 8 hours a day that’ll just about cover a Tim Horton’s coffee, no muffin.

What Wynn is actually doing is FREEZING the minimum wage but making it look as if she was actually raising it. 25 cents an hour is not “a fair way of allowing minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living”. Not even close.

And this is something the Government is proud of?

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