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The Lay-Off Edition Part One


That’s the number of stores Loblaw Companies plans to shut down this year…

5,000 (give or take a thousand or two…but hey)

That’s the number of jobs Loblaw Companies is shedding in an effort to ‘improve its operating income’

loblaw740 Million Dollars in Profits

That’s what Loblaw Companies brought in this past year in pure profits but it wants more and it gets more by closing stores and laying off workers…but profits is what matters, right? The reality is that Loblaw Companies wants to be more efficient, it wants more profit per worker…it doesn’t care about jobs, about food quality or communities…despite all those cute, clever ads where the boss travels to a community and talks about the meals on their tables…that’s all bullshit…what matters is how much profit they make off each worker.

More stories like this than you can shake a stick at….in the coming weeks…the new corporate trend…well actually the old corporate trend but on steroids…eliminating jobs, so profits can soar…

Sources: Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CBC.ca

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The Universal Child Care Benefit Edition


There is something sleazy about using children as political chips...but the Conservatives...

3 Billion Dollars

That’s how much the cheques arriving in mailboxes across the country, courtesy of the Conservative Government and the Canadian Taxpayer add up to. It’s the Universal Child Care Benefit and this year the amount per child was raised and by the sheerest of coincidences, it goes into effect the retroactive cheque covering the first 7 months of the year arrives a mere 90 days before the federal election. Included in the envelope is a bunch of promotional material telling you how much the Harper Government cares for you, your family and all the other ordinary Canadians out there….so let us be clear…the Government gives you a raise, waits half a year or so to hand it out, then hands it out in one big lump with pre-election phamplets...it is enough to make the most cynical of us gag…but it gets worse…

UCCB17 out of 20

Of the the twenty ridings that get the most in raised UCCB cheques....17 have one other thing in common...they are Conservative ridings too... yep the numbers were crunched and the people who will benefit most from the raise in the UCB live predominantly in Conservative ridings…are you ill yet? The numbers were crunched by CP and while the Conservatives can pick who gets the cheques they can pick what types of families get the cheques and rig it so that matches up with folks who live in ridings that vote Conservative...bothered yet???

11 Billion Dollars

That’s the estimate of what it would cost to give Canadians universal affordable child care across the country…the difference between the Universal Child Care Benefit and affordable child care is that the second choice is better all around for you, me, schools, business and our communities...but universal affordable child care doesn’t come with retroactive cheques and promotional electioneering pamphlets...

Sources: CP, Globe And Mail, Toronto Star, Behind The Numbers

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The Pan Am Games Edition


panam7 Million Dollars
That’s just the bonuses paid out to 64 top execs running the Pan Am gamesbonuses paid to them so they would stay and do the job they had been hired to do…here’s how the con works…you sign on do a job and then expect a bonus to finish the job or you will go off to some other sweet deal in some other jurisdiction sucked into sinking huge taxpayer dollars into games no one actually asked for…for most of these folks just sticking around to the end of the games means getting a bonus worth up to 100% of their annual salariesthis in a province where we expect teachers to take on extra assignments for nothing and lecture them publicly when they refuse to go along…

And the Premier, who is intent on selling off the Crown Jewels of the Province like Hydro One in order to pay down the debt…she’s perfectly fine with the whole scam “We may think it's out of whack in terms of comparing it with other endeavours. But the reality is we were competing for multi-sport games with other jurisdictions around the Americas, and that's the structure we put in place in order to be able to compete and draw the Games here.”

Remember that the next time she tells you that we all have to pull together to make the province great…tell her you will start doing so when she delivers the bonus payment for just showing up…

Sources: CP, CBC

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The 'We Hate Vets' Edition


That’s the percentage of ‘delivery’ personnel laid off by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs between 2011 and 2014. In practical terms it meant fewer people available to help Vets with their medical, pension and disability payments. Fewer actually then the Department had in 1998. THINK ABOUT THAT. After fighting a decade long war in Afghanistan, the Harper Government figured…why have people on staff who might worry about Vets???

And it is hurting real living people. There’s a rule that says applications for benefits need to be processed within 16 weeks (FOUR MONTHS????) and according to the latest figures only 68% of the applications get done within that time limit. Really??? You send a young person to war and when they come back traumatized, injured, ill and desperate you can’t even live up to your own rules?????

That’s the number of temporary workers the Conservatives have promised to hire to help clean up the backlog. So for years, the Conservatives have treated the Vets like disposable napkins and then an election looms and suddenly there’s money to hire temporary workers?

Sources: Ottawa Citizen

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The Infastructure Edition


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.11.56 PM

40,092 Dollars
**As of July 2nd 2015

That is the amount the Shoal Lake 40 First Nation in Manitoba has raised so far in its crowdfunding campaign. Their target is 10 Million Dollars. They want to use the money to pay the Federal Government’s portion of an all-weather road that will give the people access to clean water. The Province and the Municipalities all think it is the right thing to do…but the Federal Government, who have a constitutional obligation to first Nations, is balking at the idea.

72 Million Dollars

That`s how much of a special federal infrastructure fund was funneled into Conservative Ridings, across the country, completely out of whack with how many votes or ridings Conservatives actually have. And that money was spent on parks and rec centres…all good things in themselves but not quite as important as CLEAN WATER…and parks aren`t really a Federal Responsibility like ABORIGINAL ISSUES…

It is a DISGRACE, a SIN, A SHAME, a TRAVESTY that the Federal Government can find money for parks, perks and ad campaigns but can`t get its act together to help build a road so people can get clean water…

The people of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation are serious…and you can help out…just go here (https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/810jw4) and follow the links…then tell everyone you know that you stepped up and did want Stephen Harper and his sleazy Conservative Colleagues wouldn`t do…

Sources: Globe & Mail, FundRazr

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