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The Minimum Wage Edition

25 Cents

That’s how much the minimum wage in Ontario is going to go up...that’s in 6 MONTHS!!!! From now.

Given all the hype: you’d get the impression from the announcement last week that Premier Wynne’s Liberal government had found the cure to poverty.


Back in 2014, before the election, that was exactly the impression Wynne wanted you to have…“I think the vast majority of people in Ontario understand it’s very difficult to make ends meet living on minimum wage and that there needs to be a fair way of allowing minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living,” But 25 cents an hour? If you work 8 hours a day that’ll just about cover a Tim Horton’s coffee, no muffin.

What Wynn is actually doing is FREEZING the minimum wage but making it look as if she was actually raising it. 25 cents an hour is not “a fair way of allowing minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living”. Not even close.

And this is something the Government is proud of?

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The NAFTA Edition

17.3 Million Dollars

That’s how much Canadian Taxpayers are on the hook for to ExxonMobil, “the world’s largest publicly traded oil company” all thanks to NAFTA…remember NAFTA? The free trade deal that was going to make Canada prosperous…?

So, why do we owe ExxonMobil 17.3 Million dollars? Because the Government of Newfoundland thought Oil Companies profiting from the extraction of resources in Newfoundland should be required to invest or even just spend some of the money they were hauling in hand over fist in the province where they were making the money - you know, buy from local merchants or hire local workers or use local goods and services….Yeah, sounds reasonable, right?



Well not to “the world’s largest publicly traded oil company”…they figured it was a form of government extortion and they went crying to a tribunal set up under Chapter 11 of NAFTA…and the tribunal ruled: “that requiring the oil companies to plow a fixed percentage of their offshore revenues into research and training in Newfoundland went against NAFTA rules prohibiting host governments from establishing performance requirements on companies’ local investments and purchases.”


Imagine…the Free Trade Agreement that was supposed to make us all so well off has rules against “performance requirements on companies’ local investments and purchases” which really means we can’t make them do anything…and if we try…they will just sue…and sue they do…

50 cents, two quarters…dig in your pocket…take out two quarters…that’s what you and every other Canadian owes ExxonMobil…all because Newfoundland politicians thought it only fair that “the world’s largest publically traded oil company” should spend some of the money it is making off of Newfoundland IN Newfoundland…

Look at those two quarters and think about NAFTA…what’s it ever done for you but make you reach into your pocket and make you poorer…two quarters at a time….

Some Deal…Some Prosperity

Sources: Toronto Star

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The Quebec Government Edition

1.2 Million Dollars

That’s what the City Of Montreal lost in fines when a Judge ruled that P6, a controversial anti-protest law passed by Montreal City Council during the Quebec spring of 2012, was invalid. P6 “banned protestors from wearing masks and required organizers to file itineraries to the city ahead of demonstrations. Thousands ended up being arrested during the protests.” So far charges against nearly 500 protesters have been dropped and prosecutors intend to drop charges against another 1700 individuals.

In addition to the 1.2 million dollars in fines that the City has had to forego, it had to spend 100,000 dollars on legal costs and faces class actions suits seeking over 20 million dollars in damages. And Rightly So….the Judge found that there really wasn’t anything criminal about marching, protesting or demonstrating and in fact even if there had been, there were so many lies being told about the protesters that it was impossible to determine the truth.

Sort of a three strikes and you are out situation.


That’s how many students in Quebec have voted to strike next month in what organizers say will be a new and improved version of the 2012 Demonstrations. The issues are the same…an economy and a government indifferent to the challenges facing students today. Within weeks, another 100,000 students are expected to take a similar stance.

It’s been a cold winter but odds are it is going to be a hot spring in Montreal.

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The Low Wage Edition

minimum wage.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxThis is the percentage of jobs in Ontario classified as low-wage jobs. Ten Years ago, the number was 22%. Now 22% isn’t a number we want to dance in the street over, but the 11% increase presents a problem for Stephen Harper as he campaigns for the next election. What’s he going to say, “I increased the number of low-wage jobs by 11%”? This slogan wouldn’t get him very far with low-wage workers...

Remember 4 years ago, the Conservatives ran on the promise and the position that they were the best party to manage the economy…that’s what they claimed and you might think they’d be willing to run on their record…but no…they want to change the whole discussion. So suddenly Harper’s election campaign is all about terrorism, security and who can best keep Canada safe.

On the other hand...

That’s the rate of growth in earnings for the top Canadian Companies over the past 5 years. See, that’s what Mr. Harper and his Fraser Institute schooled buddies really meant about being the best party to manage the economy. They were and are the best at running the economy in the interest of the 1%. But the 1% don’t have enough votes to keep Harper in power…so the Conservatives need to shift our attention…forget the numbers 33% and 536%...concentrate instead on this important number: 2

That’s right: “2”
That’s the number of so-called terror attacks this country has seen in the last decade. Harper and his scare mongering maniacs are much more comfortable running on this number then they are on 33% or 536%. Enough! It’s high time we put an end to these fabricated lies intended to return him to office!

Sources: ProfitGuide.com, Toronto Star

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What have we become?

That’s a rough number of layoffs announced in the past few weeks and for the most part those are the real casualties of a ruthless economy more interested in quarterly profit statements then the human lives being devastated. And these job losses are from Suncor, Target, Mexx, Sony, Tim Horton’s…you know the big and mighty of the corporate world.

What do our political masters do? They talk and talk about shifting economic paradigms and the long-run and the value of free trade…even as free trade means sending these jobs to some low wage or right to work jurisdiction.

Again, what have we become?

70 Million.

61 Million.


The first number is the total amount of compensation and severance for the 17,600 workers at Target when the company shuts down its operations. The second number is the total compensation and severance for the CEO who came up with the idea of moving Target into Canada and then watched the whole thing go up in flames.

And what do we complain about? The size of the discount in the Target stores being shut-down. We should be screaming about the injustice of one man getting almost as much severance as 17,600 but we are actually screeching that the discount on the play set made by slave labour in Bangladesh is only discounted by 10%

What have we become that we are so used to economic injustice that it means nothing to us?

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