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The Memorial Edition


Some ideas are so dumb that even the people who came up with the idea, as well as the people the idea was designed for, can’t figure out what’s what.

Here’s a number for you:

2.5 Million
No, sorry make that 1.2 Million
Or maybe it should be 573,000

victimsWhat we are talking about it the amount of money being raised by the charity Tribute to Liberty as its part of the cost of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism. Confused? So are the rest of us.

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism is Stephen Harper’s blatant play to capture the votes of Canadians with connections to the former Soviet Bloc nations of Eastern Europe. Originally this 5,000 SQUARE METRE site was supposed to cost about 3.1 million and about 2.5 million of that was going to be raised through charitable donations…well, that 3.1 million has escalated to nearly 5 million dollars and as far as any public records seem to show the CHARITY has only raised 573,000. So what that means is Harper’s design team can’t count and the people who were being counted on to donate money to this incredibly odd idea don’t care. But it is still being planned for...so you know who’s on the hook for the money…yep,


Now we have to remember one thing…this whole insane idea is tied directly into the fate of Stephen Harper. If he loses in October then this memorial is toast…taxpayers save about 5 million dollars and the landscape of Ottawa is saved a serious embarrassment…


Sources: National Post

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The Secret Hearings Edition


Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.47.16 PM

That’s what Josh Patterson (head of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association) was forced to tell his clients when they asked him what had happened at the committee investigating allegation that CSIS was spying on them…and you thought you lived in a democracy???!!!



Yeah that’s right…a while back some of your very ordinary, very classic, tree huggers became concerned that their activities were being monitored by Canada’s spies - you know, the spooks we think are trying to protect the country from foreign enemies - so this group of law-abiding protestors, folks engaging in very legal and very ordinary political dissent, asked Patterson and B.C. Civil Liberties Association to file a complaint. So when he did, the watchdog committee that is supposed to protect ordinary Canadians from ROGUE SPIES decided to hold hearings into the allegations…but the hearings are all in secret. No one can talk about them….not even so much as to say whether the hearings are even fair…here’s an exchange between a protestor/client on Josh Patterson and a reporter:

Will Horter, executive director of the Dogwood Initiative, one of the groups alleging CSIS illegally spied on them, said Paterson was unable to tell him anything about his testimony.

“I asked a fairly simple question of my lawyer: ‘Did you feel like you got a fair hearing?’ And he said, ‘I can’t answer that question.’ That’s deeply disturbing.”

DEEPLY DISTURBING seems mild. Spies monitoring legal behaviour, keeping tabs on meetings, and all of this was going on before the Conservatives passed Bill C-51…you know that Orwellian security legislation that makes East Germany look like an open society compared to the Country Stephen Harper and his privacy hating cronies want to create.

One More ZERO to think about

That should be the number of votes cast for any politician who believes keeping tabs on environmentalists is more important that catching corporations that illegally stash billions overseas…

Sources: Globe & Mail, CBC.ca, iPolitics.ca, dogwoodinitiative.org

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The Travel Ban Edition


That’s where Stephen Harper won’t let you go if he is re-elected Prime Minister. The man who won’t talk to journalists and isn’t crazy about TV debates involving leaders of other parties is being especially coy here.

As part of his seemingly never ending FEAR 24-7 election campaign, he told a small secret crowd on the weekend that if re-elected he’d put a stop to terror in the world by not letting Canadians visit places where people do bad things or support terrorists. You might of thought he was talking about Saudi Arabia where they abuse women and ship millions of petro-dollars to terror groups around the globe…but you’d be wrong, after all Stevie did sell the wheat board to the Saudis…no he’s not actually letting on where he won’t let us travel to or how exactly he plans on stopping us from travelling somewhere...

See you probably expected that during an election campaign we talk about the collapsing dollar, the horrendous state of the economy or how the health care system is falling apart but you’d be wrong…we are talking about places no one is planning on travelling to because he won’t tell us where they are…

Stevie just keeps telling us that he is the only guy that can make us safe and if that doesn’t scare you...well...

Sources: Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, The Copnservative Party Of Canada

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The Election Call Edition


The Number of Days that we will be watching the politicians and the media talk about our futures as if it is a game, or a sporting event. The number of mind numbing days during which people will speculate about gaffes and mistakes and whether a policy is a winning strategy. Forget any hope that we will actually talk about what ordinary Canadians need.


The number of days the law requires between the dropping of the writ and voting day. The difference between the two numbers is 40 days, the amount of time Jesus supposedly spent in the desert, the amount of time that makes up Lent which implies sacrifice…so much for days of pain, but to what end???

1,585,000 Dollars

That’s how much more money each party can spend every day after a 37 day campaign. The longer the campaign the more money a party can spend. So who in their right mind wants the opportunity to spend more money in the campaign...we’ll give you a hint, it is not the NDP, the Liberals or the Greens who want to spend more money. It’s the PC that wants to spend more money. Why? Because the Conservatives are drowning in contributions from their cronies and they are itching to spend it all.

125 Million Dollars

This is how much EXTRA taxpayers have to shell out to run an election that is 40 days longer than normal.

Thanks Steve…for ruining our August and sticking us with the bill for doing so….If you need a reason to send Steve and his fact-hating Cronies back to where they belong, on the unemployment lines, he’s just given you 125 million reasons to do so…

Sources: Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CBC.ca, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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The Lay-Off Edition Part One


That’s the number of stores Loblaw Companies plans to shut down this year…

5,000 (give or take a thousand or two…but hey)

That’s the number of jobs Loblaw Companies is shedding in an effort to ‘improve its operating income’

loblaw740 Million Dollars in Profits

That’s what Loblaw Companies brought in this past year in pure profits but it wants more and it gets more by closing stores and laying off workers…but profits is what matters, right? The reality is that Loblaw Companies wants to be more efficient, it wants more profit per worker…it doesn’t care about jobs, about food quality or communities…despite all those cute, clever ads where the boss travels to a community and talks about the meals on their tables…that’s all bullshit…what matters is how much profit they make off each worker.

More stories like this than you can shake a stick at….in the coming weeks…the new corporate trend…well actually the old corporate trend but on steroids…eliminating jobs, so profits can soar…

Sources: Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CBC.ca

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