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By Bert Deveaux

I want to make the case for the presence of extra-terrestrial life, sent here to strip away our ability to think straight! Seriously! Negative ions, I suspect. An alien spaceship zoomed over us in the middle of the night, spread the ions, then quietly sped off...as alien spaceships always do.

Here’s my case:

We are the richest civilization that ever existed. Untold billions produced in Canada alone every year, enough to give us all a decent standard of living, good healthcare along with a pension for our later years.


Overseeing the distribution of this wealth, through a system of laws, is a democracy or, in our case, a representative democracy, in which we elect individuals to represent us. So far so good, at least it looks that way!


Then an election is called and the unimaginable happens. We step in to the voting booth, pick up the ballot and, for those few seconds it takes to exercise our democratic right, our mind goes haywire. Instead of voting for a candidate who would try to make our world a kinder place, we vote for a political party that has 1) openly waged war against us and, 2) even declared outright that, instead of distributing our country’s enormous wealth in a way that would give us all a decent quality of life, it will steer this wealth into the hands of a minuscule few.


What can it be that clouds our brains other than alien dust of some kind?

WARNING! Do not read the following unless you have a stiff drink in your hand!

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Case In Point

Tim Hudak, a Mike Harris-Stephen Harper-Rob Ford clone, actually has supporters of regular people in the province of Ontario.

This is what he would do if he ever took office:

• Take a broad axe to the many government programs intended to give us a decent quality of life – health, education, social services – quickly finishing off the dismantling of these programs started by Mike Harris in the 90s.

• Privatize everything that moves, enabling corporations to make more money!

• Take the voice away from local citizens and communities in the management of their healthcare by eliminating their Local Heal th Integration Networks.

•Scare the hell out of public sector workers by having them fight for jobs they already have.

• Kill eco taxes and programs that protect our environment, taking Ontario jobs along with it.

• Forget that many inmates are in jails for mental health reasons. Put them out in chain gangs doing manual labour, that’ll teach them! And forget about rehabilitation programs, we’re not into that!

So you're going to tell me that no one's messing with our brains?

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