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Time To Put Our House In Order

The ruthless force that has allowed companies to kick workers out of their jobs without notice, that is destroying our unions, our healthcare and all other conditions essential for a decent quality of life…is the same force that is making the rich…super-rich: It is the company’s right, by law, to pit Canadian worker against low-paid workers in other countries, including those workers in the U.S. now working in “right-to-work” states.

Corporations were given this right by “agreements” such FTA and NAFTA (essentially free trade agreements) signed into law by our politicians.

iqt-workersThese free trade agreements allowed companies to outsource production to cheaper markets. To avoid paying taxes here. To side-step labour union contracts. To walk away from paying worker benefits to workers who had worked for the same company for as long as 35 years. Suddenly companies were declaring bankruptcy and skipping town overnight, leaving their workers to face locked gates and in many cases with no one around to explain why the company had left. In many cases sole family supporters received no back pay and in most cases no benefits.

Did the people fully realize the effect these trade agreements would have on them?  Probably not and it’s not completely their fault.


…but it explains why we have re-elected this man…who is taking things to a new height.

Europe (CETA), China and 24 other countries such as Russia, Argentina and the Czech Republic have now been extended similar agreements.

So that today, for the first time in Canadian history, foreign corporations have the right to bid on all our municipal services (water, power, postal services, bus services, etc.) and to sue the Canadian government if they are not given these rights or if corporate profits are affected in some way during negotiations. This is how these services are quickly becoming privatized. And the regulations giving corporations this right are being drafted in complete secrecy and passed in Parliament by politicians WE elected.

Then there’s this:

chief-teresa-spencerIn politics all dishonest, deceitful acts are connected; so there’s more going on here than these agreements. For example, what’s with Harper’s refusal to meet with Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat?

Bill C-45, rammed through Parliament by Stephen Harper, not only guts environmental protection laws but opens the door to sell Reserve land to corporations. Harper needs Bill C-45 to satisfy all the secret deals he’s worked out over the tar sands with China and other countries. That’s why he completely ignored any protest over Bill C-45 and rushed it through Parliament instead.

Chief Theresa Spence and the Chiefs of all other First Nations tried to meet with the prime minister to tell him they wanted to hang on to their lands. Had tried to have a meaningful conversation with him for years. Instead he ignored them and treated them as non-citizens.

Time to put our House back in Order


The Harper government’s ideological bent to privatize everything affects every Canadian. It causes economic pain not only to public sector workers, but to every farmer, fisherman, logger, as well as every native person in the country. It denies us proper medical care, affects the quality of education teachers are able to provide their students and puts serious limits on the ability we all have for a decent quality of life.

No one is spared. That’s why we must inform ourselves about what’s really going on with our politicians and then work together to put our House back in order.


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