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Belief in the Presence of Aliens Deepens

For years we’ve been fed the theory that lower tax rates to corporations will encourage more investment, which in turn will mean more jobs and greater prosperity.

harperSince this man came to power, tax relief to corporations has risen to over $60-billion dollars, making this country’s corporate tax rate one of the lowest in the world. In fact, many of the large corporations pay no income tax at all.

And this is the man who kept telling us that tax cuts to corporations creates jobs! Sings the same barefaced lie every time.

Since Harper and Flaherty came to power, corporations have amassed profits of close to $600 Billion. And in that time we’ve LOST over a million jobs, many of them precious manufacturing jobs that paid decent wages.

FACT: Over seven MILLION people in Canada now earn less than $20,000 a year. SEVEN MILLION! That’s $384.61 a week.

FACT: The number of families living in poverty has increased, along with the number of children going to school hungry and all that this means. The number of food banks has increased dramatically, even though survey data shows that about three-quarters of those who are hungry never even go to a food bank. Elaine Power Graham Riches and Valerie Tarasuk, Dec 19 2012

FACT: Not only have we lost jobs but the same above duo are busy passing government bills expressly designed to kill workers’ legal rights to fight for more humane wages. And they’re winning.

As shocking, outrageous and shameful as this is, we all seem to accept this as normal. No country-wide outrage. No "What the hell…"

There can only be ONE explanation and it is this:

"They" are here. "They" are amongst us. Busy spreading clouds of noxious vapors over us that skewers our thinking. That must be it. Has to be. We are not a cruel population that aims to dehumanize others. We have been robbed of our senses, just temporarily… we hope.

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