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Editor`s Note: As Ian Brown wrote in the Globe and Mail, “Mr. Harper is running the most hands-on, centrally controlled federal government in living memory, a government so Harper-centric and so micro-managed by the Prime Minister's Office it feels literally patriarchal.”(Also see the troubling six part Toronto Star series Secret Capital, May 2008 www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/429906 ) - Stanley Tromp March 2010

There seems to be a pattern about the man; one best described by a term we hesitate to use, since we`re Canadians and tend to be very polite. And yet as time passes we find ourselves whispering the word…f a s c i s t.

Wonder how Mr. Harper would react to this. We’ll never know but based on statements he’s made in the past, it’s safe to assume he’d be aghast at the suggestion and would strongly defend himself.

First, though, we need to describe the qualities of a fascist.

And this was done by Dr. Lawrence Britt who examined the fascist regimes of Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes and found 14 defining characteristics common to each.)

What follows are the “Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism” followed by our take on how Mr. Harper might respond to each:

Here we go!

“This is how I see it…by me. Stephen Harper. Your Prime Minister!”


No.1 Characteristic of Fascism:
Protection of Powerful Corporations:

web-labour-disp 1359306cl-8Powerful corporations create jobs. so of course, they’re my friends. And, yes, corporate CEOs are my best friends too. Yeah, I know that millions of Canadians are poor, struggling and what not, although some just milk the system (which is why we’ve changed the requirements for EI). But the corporate CEOs, on the other hand, create jobs which is why I befriend them. And yes, Carney had the nerve to chastise these CEOs for just sitting on $billions in cash. So I have protect them, all for the sake of creating good jobs. For YOU! That’s why I have to bring in omnibus bills, to keep lefties and other riff raff away from these corporations. They need our help!

“Company directors are sitting on piles of “dead money” when they should be putting it to work.” Mark Carney 2012


2. Power of Labour Suppressed:

 web-aircanada-attendants15rb1I’m not going to lie to myself, I don’t really like unions. But I don’t hate them, I just think they shouldn’t have any collective bargaining rights. Or striking rights. Or the ability to organize. Because we all know union members are fat cats who rely on the welfare state for their livelihood. I also believe we’re headed for a right-to-work system like they have in the U.S. Right-to-work laws will be a real boost to job creation. And we need to create jobs!

 Power of Labour Suppressed:

  • On June 18, 2011 - CAW members at Air Canada legislated back to work
  • On June 20, 2011 - Postal workers legislated back to work at wages lower than Canada’s Post’s worst offer.
  • March 12, 2012 - Labour Minister Lisa Raitt introduces legislation to prevent Air Canada pilots from going on strike.
  • May 27, 2012 - CP Rail workers legislated back to work
  • Harper also supported private member’s Bill C-377: a Bill that will cost taxpayers millions – if not billions – of dollars and severely impact the ability of unions to service their memberships.



3. Obsession with Crime:

bildeI have contempt for criminals, regardless of whether they’re non-violent or first time offenders. That's why I had to rush through a crime bill that increases sentences for victimless crimes, creates harsher penalties for young offenders, and makes it more difficult to get a pardon. It doesn't matter if you're a kid and it's your first time getting caught with a bag of weed. Break the law and you’ll pay for your actions for the rest of your life! The mentally ill being jailed? Another leftist comment, meant to make us all go easier on the criminal element. So I’m building more jails; that’s the only way to cut down on crime.

“Canada's crime rate is the lowest in nearly 40 years, according to Statistics Canada, as the volume of crime dropped five per cent in 2010 from the year before.
"The national crime rate has been falling steadily for the past 20 years and is now at its lowest level since 1973," Statistics Canada reported.

“Since Prime Minister Harper took office, Correctional Services Canada (CSC)'s net budget has increased by 54 per cent to $2.46 billion for 2010–2011; it is predicted to increase further to $3.12 billion by 2012–2013, according to CSC. Much of this money is for capital expenditures such as construction of new prisons.

“The bill increases sentences for drug and sex offences, reduces the use of conditional sentences such as house arrest, provides harsher penalties on young offenders, makes it more difficult to get a pardon, gives crime victims more say in parole hearings and allows victims of terrorism to sue.”


4. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts:

 quebec-cp-protest 392This one leaves me totally perplexed…some of my best friends are intellectuals, for heaven’s sake. And you’ve heard me play the piano. What else can I say

Under fire for his government's $45 million in cuts to arts and culture funding, the Conservative leader yesterday said average Canadians have no sympathy for "rich" artists who gather at galas to whine about their grants.

The journal Nature says in an editorial in this week’s issue that it is time for the Canadian government to set its scientists free.


5. Rampant Cronyism:

harper-clement-g8-cp-505956I don't think it matters that I gave government handouts to my buddies Chuck Cadman, Bruce Carson, and Terry Clement, to name a few, because I talk about accountability all the time. That's why I continue to appoint conservatives, whom I happen to know, to the Senate and to my cabinet; I can trust these people and we need more people like me to fight cronyism!

A storm of outrage whipped through social media networks, talk shows and around office water coolers Thursday after Prime Minister Stephen Harper dumped a trio of failed Conservative candidates into what has been dubbed the Senate retirement home for cronies and bagmen.

When the Conservatives were elected, they promised to do business differently. No more cronyism, no more backroom deals with party hacks. They were going to clean up Ottawa. However, critics say Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has appointed hundreds of people with Conservative ties – the kind of cronyism the Conservatives and their predecessors used to howl about.



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