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The Three Amigos in Mexico:

Was it really all about a Butterfly???

butterflyThat's what our "good buddies" in the media would have you believe...and if we can't trust reporters who were there listening to it all, keeping their eye on the big story, the obvious story, the one staring them right in the face, then why the hell did they bother going down? And at our expense, no less!!!

The Three Amigos, (what a cute name right???), The Three Amigos travel down Mexico Way to jaw about free trade and the state of the North American economies - and the take away, the big news, the breath taking announcement is, wait for it now, cue the drumroll, the big announcement is that these three Giants Among Men struck a deal to see what can be done to protect the Monarch Butterfly! That’s right! And this is what our journalistically-challenged reporters fed us as headline news.

Don't get me wrong, I am partial to Butterflies. I like to watch them float around my backyard. They are a marvel of aerodynamic engineering...BUT...on a list of the top ten things that politicians, in one of the biggest trade zones in the world, should be fixated on, the Monarch Butterfly doesn’t cut it.

3amigosThe whole matter is beyond hypocrisy. First, when have these guys, especially El Caudillo Stephen Harper, ever given a hoot about the environment, let alone a Butterfly? This is a guy who wants to consume all the water in Alberta to extract the tar sands. A guy who believes climate change is a commie plot, so the idea that Señor Harper cared one bee sting about Butterflies is as they say in boxing, a feint, a ruse to distract us from what they should have been doing.

Here's a list of things those three should have been focusing on: Climate Change, child poverty, ending the war on drugs and its massive human toll, inequality, worker's rights, human trafficking, pensions, wage disparities, GMO's, Limits on Corporate power, you get the drift. But no, they get together and agree to work - to work mind you, not actually solve, but to work on solving, on finding some solution to - the problem of the Butterfly.

But it gets worse! It just so happens that NAFTA actually destroyed Mexican farming. And farmers there have been protesting the agreement for the past 20 years. But the large scale protests they held were never shown on mainstream television. As the NY Times put it, “NAFTA cut a path of destruction through Mexico. Corn imports drove down farmers' prices, driving millions to migrate north. It lowered labor rights and environmental rules, hurting all workers.”

As a result, 20 million Mexicans live in “food poverty”. Twenty-five percent of the population does not have access to basic food and one-fifth of Mexican children suffer from malnutrition. Transnational industrial corridors in rural areas have contaminated rivers and sickened the population and, typically, women bear the heaviest impact.

Question: Where were our reporters? How could they have been physically present in a country that has been decimated by free trade, following three world leaders around who were there to discuss free trade, and return talking about…Butterflies…?

This must have been the most luxurious but expensive photo op ever in the history of The North American Free Trade Agreement, if not in the history of North America itself!

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