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“We want not only to portion out the blame but to know what to do…”
- Benjamin M. Friedman, Economist Harvard


We gave these men and women the task of protecting our country and serving its people. This is their record.


120215 toews wideVic Toews
Minister of Public Safety

HIS JOB: Responsible for the safety of Canadians.

HIS RECORD: First off, he lied – repeatedly and intentionally – about our prison system: “The government”, he said, “has no intention of building new prisons”.

THE FACTS: 34 units are being built at existing federal penitentiaries at a cost of $601 million in order to prepare for the influx of new prisoners resulting from Harper’s new legislation. And since 2007, the provinces and territories have built, or are now building, 22 new prisons and 17 additions at a cost of $3.4 billion. These costs do not include operation, staffing, or maintenance.


But fiddling with the facts is not his worse crime. Far more grievous is his consistent support of a system of punishment for prisoners rather than one of rehabilitation. He would rather see inmates dehumanized and shamed than give them the medical and psychological support that would actually help and reform them—all in the name of the Conservative prison agenda.


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bevodaBev Oda
Minister of International Cooperation

HER JOB: To promote a more secure, equitable, and prosperous world.

HER RECORD: Instances of Bev Oda’s expensive lifestyle may have diverted attention away from some of the real harm she’s done; lifestyle excesses such as the $18 glass of orange juice, for example, or her recent refusal to stay at a five star hotel at an additional cost to the taxpayer of $1995, or her fetish for limos which have cost many thousands of taxpayers’ dollars and so on. Then there’s the fact that she didn’t repay these costs until she was caught red-handed, and even then not fully.


An $18 glass of orange juice and expensive limo rides are surely an insult to the million Canadians forced to visit food banks every year. But Bev Oda’s influence in reshaping our society runs much deeper. As Status of Women Minister she spearheaded “reforms” like dropping the word ‘equality’ from the stated goals of Status of Women Canada, cutting funding from women’s groups that lobby or conduct research on behalf of women, and shutting down a number of organizations that help women pursue human rights cases in court.

That is Bev Oda's character: she is willing, in the name of politics, to do harm to those whom she is charged with protecting.


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mackayPeter Mackay
Minister of National Defence

HIS JOB: To coordinate Canada’s defences, including budgeting and equipment maintenance.

HIS RECORD: Mr. Mackay deliberately and unapologetically misled Canadians about the amount of the public purse which was being siphoned off to fund the new (and still undelivered) F-35 fighters, undercutting the real number by $10 Billion. And then he put an exclamation point on his contempt for democratic process, arguing that the public had no right to know or worry about all the amounts involved.

It’s just “accounting”, he said. No apology necessary.


That's how Peter Mackay "coordinates" our national defences: by lying to the public repeatedly about costs and shifting the blame elsewhere when his lies are discovered.


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christian-paradisChristian Paradis
Minister of Industry

HIS JOB: To build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace for Canadians.

HIS RECORD: Mr. Paradis apparently has a very different notion of “fairness” than you or I.
For him, fairness means breaking conflict of interest laws by arranging special meetings for former MPs looking for a payday from taxpayers. It also means providing favorable treatment to Conservative-friendly contractors, leading to $650 million in government contracts in January ’09. Oh, and it also means illegally blocking access-to-information requests in the Public Works ministry.


Corruption, conflicts of interest, and information suppression. That's Christian Paradis' idea of a fair and competitive marketplace.


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peter kent 110107

Peter Kent
Minister of The Environment

HIS JOB: To protect the environment, conserve the country's natural heritage, and keep Canadians informed about meteorological issues.

HIS RECORD: Rather than protect the environment, he has pushed for new rules that will abolish or reduce environmental assessment for resource projects like the tar sands. Which is to say: he has done the opposite.
His latest feat? Launching a smear campaigns against Canadian and foreign environmental charities, with unsupported claims of “money laundering”.

WHAT HE SAID: "Whether you call it money laundering or a financial shell game or three-card monty, it is inappropriate under those organizations' charitable status."

THE REALITY: there have been no “phantom charities” or “million dollar exchanges” (as he puts it) between mysterious external sources and environmental activists.


Instead of protecting the environment, Peter Kent would rather destroy it, and then bully and intimidate those who try to stand in his way.


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diane-finleyDiane Finley
Minister of Human Resources

HER JOB: To build a stronger Canada and help Canadians make choices that improve their quality of life.

HER RECORD: Far from improving Canadians’ quality of life, our Minister of Human Resources has launched a quiet assault on Canadian workers since taking office. After spearheading the government’s decision to raise the age of pension eligibility from 65 to 67, she recently introduced changes which allow employers to pay temporary foreign workers 15 percent less than Canadians. This practice, claimed to help “labour shortages”, are actually designed to drive down the wages of those already living here, as employers shop for the cheapest workers available.


Rather than build a stronger canada, Diane Finley is doing her best to kill full-time work and lower Canadian wages.


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jason kenney 110211Jason Kenney
Minister of Immigration

HIS JOB: To work with people from diverse backgrounds, serving them fairly and with integrity.

HIS RECORD: Yet another disgraceful entry on Harper’s laundry list of corrupt cabinet ministers: rather than do his job, our Minister of Immigration has repeatedly threatened and intimidated Canadian and foreign workers, warning that anyone who refuses to take low-wage positions will have their employment insurance cut off. That means that even skilled workers like nurses and teachers must take jobs that are not only outside their fields, but could hurt their prospects of getting skilled jobs in the future.

And that’s just Mr. Kenney’s most recent platform. His previous policies were equally shameful:

  • 2009: Referred to Iraq War resisters seeking asylum in Canada as “bogus refugee claimants”.
  • 2009: Barred British MP George Galloway from giving entry into Canada for being a “terrorist supporter”. Galloway had donated ambulances, medicine, and toys to the people of Gaza during their bombardment by Israel.
  • 2010: Removed information about same-sex marriage legalization and the decriminalization of homosexuality in the new Citizenship and Immigration study guide for immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship.
  • 2011: Denied Canadian visas to Afghan interpreters who served alongside Canadian troops in southern Afghanistan and who applied for them on the basis of facing threats from insurgents.


instead of protecting the integrity of our immigration system, Jason Kenney is systematically doing harm to immigrants and Canadians alike.


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rona-ambroseRona Ambrose
Minister of the Status of Women

HER JOB: To promote the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada.

HER RECORD: How has Ms. Ambrose promoted the full participation of women? By helping Harper shut down 12 of 16 Status of Women offices, so that Canada now ranks 18th in the world in gender equality, trailing not only the United States but also such bastions of equality as Lesotho, the Philippines, and South Africa, among others.
Likewise, her work as Environment Minister, far from serving to protect the environment, did incalculable damage to it. Her malicious lies about Canada’s ability to meet its Kyoto commitments resulted in deep and harmful setbacks for resource regulation, and her attempts to muzzle Environment Canada scientists like Mark Tushingham from speaking about their work were blatant attacks on the freedom of expression and information.
Then we have her record as Public Works and Government Services Minister, where she presided over the decision to buy new office furniture instead of recycling and re-using several hundred work stations from a building under renovations. The worst part? Environment Canada spent about $141,000 over the past year to store the equipment during the renovations.


In the end, Rona Ambrose's body of "work" has done nothing but reverse environmental progress and critically hurt the social and economic participation of women in Canada.


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joe-oliverJoe Oliver
Minister of Natural Resources

HIS JOB: To promote safe and effective natural resource development.

HIS RECORD: Mr. Oliver has spent his time as Minister railing against “radical environmentalists”—a term which, in Oliver’s mind, applies to anyone who mentions any of the environmental consequences of tar sands development. Wait – isn’t investigating these consequences supposed to be his job?
And now he has declared a full-blown war on environmental protection laws, exempting many projects from assessment altogether and cutting environmentalists out of the assessment process unless they can prove that they would be “directly affected” by the development.


Translation: anyone with an opposing view is denied input at hearings. What was already a highly inequitable process has been made far worse, and natural resource development has been made far less safe.


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 Last but not least...

Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada


We know the man, we know the contempt he has for us and we’ve had enough!

Let’s get rid of them all!


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