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Welcome to another episode of
Who’s Who on the human landscape:

Every week at this time we showcase another example of life in the wilds of the marketplace.

Today: The Cackling Cuckoos of Capitalism

Recently this very powerful predator was heard crowing out its shrill call that all the surpluses created by the skinflint Harper, and his henchman Flaherty’s budget cutbacks, should to be redirected as subsidies to Canada’s largest and most wealthy corporations. The motto of the Cackling Cuckoos has always been, Steal from the poor and give to the rich!

You can easily spot this classic Canadian Bird of Prey:

wall street 2
Dressed in 1000 dollar suits, and 700 dollar shoes with a Rolex watch on their wrist and a rolls Royce idling at the curb…when in Toronto, their normal habitat is the Bridal Path and Rosedale and they are never seen at Jane and Finch…they have minions they send to the hinterlands…

In winter they flock together to the Cayman Islands where they have offshore bank accounts for sustenance.

In Summer they swirl about at each other’s nests in Cottage Country. What makes them recognizable even from a distance is their screech of greed as they harp upon their right to eat first, last and everything at the Canadian economic banquet.

The Cackling Cuckoo of Capitalism is a dangerous predator. Take cover if you get the slightest hint that they are in your neighbourhood - the first clues will be the clanking sound of gold bullion and the sulphur smell in the air as they cackle their latest demands.

That’s this week’s edition of Who’s Who. Next time up…the stumbling donkeys of anti-union propaganda!

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