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Real Sober Second Thoughts…

senate-cleaningThe Canadian senate was initially created to give a “sober second thought” to political deliberation, where enlightened citizens from various walks of life are appointed based on their merits. In reality the senate in Canada is more like a fraternity; a group of “frat boys” or spoiled college kids caring only about each other.

The members of this fraternity are never chosen democratically, but are appointed based on their popularity and their obedience to do what the head of the campus says. The more willing they are to follow their leader (as in Mike Duffy spouting off the greatness of the Conservative Party), the better the chance of being appointed. Once they make it in the house, they get a lifelong pass to riches.

Members in the frat love to spend recklessly on lavish trips and parties, yet they only go to class 56 days a year. They’re also in charge of disciplining each other in the house just in case they break the rules, but since they’re all pals they never enforce any. Maybe that’s why the frat isn’t very popular outside the house - about 22 per cent of the campus like them, and 78 per cent couldn’t care less if they disappeared forever.

mike-duffyOverall the fraternity known as the Senate is anything but a “sober second thought.” It’s more of an intoxicated cult where members show up a few times a month to rubber stamp some legislation they don’t read before heading back to their winter cottages or summer beach fronts. The worst part is that the Senate wants us to believe this charade is necessary in a democratic society at the cost of over $100 million to taxpayers. Now that should make every Canadian give the existence of the Senate a “sober second thought.”

It’s not like having to reinvent the wheel or discovering the mysteries of space; it’s about whether paying $100 Million tax dollars a year for a group of frat members adds anything that benefits our form of democracy.


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