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So the sky’s falling, government tells us! Not enough money to go around, sooooo something’s gotta be done, right? Darn right, something’s gotta be done, but what?!

What follows are two columns.

Column #1 shows what is presently being done by the government of the day to ease budget pressures, and

Column #2 is what the Book for Dummies suggests could be done. Sweet and simple. Some specific examples:

Biggest problem: Budget Woes


What Our Politicians Are Doing Now New Dummy Handbook for Politicians

Option 1

Fire 29,000 public sector workers (this is actual number, not the reported 19,000);

Jim Flaherty says this would mean a
$5.2-billion spending reduction he announced in March 2012 (but services cut would be “front-line” services, not a category Ottawa calls "internal services”). 

Savings: $5.2 Billion

Much Easier

Impose a Robin Hood Tax: every time a corporation makes a financial transaction, impose a tax of 0.05%. This would create $60 billion a year in revenue AND no public sector worker would be fired. 

Savings: $60 BILLION 

Option 2

Cut back on EI fraud – “these people are criminals” – send government investigators throughout the Maritimes to crack down on these people!

Savings as per government:
$12.5 Million/yr

A Lot Faster

Close up tax loopholes for the rich through legislation. $4.4 billion over the next 4 years will be recovered.

Savings: Over $1.1 BILLION/yr


Option 3

Cut back on health care to immigrants -
Even those dying of cancer? Afraid so!

Savings to government:
$20 Million/yr

Long Overdue

Tax the  largest corporations in Canada 20% more and this will bring in an extra

 $12 BILLION/yr

Option 4

Create more jobs by amping up the tar sands and exporting any and all available resources out of the country(wood, water, metals etc.)

* Silence scientists who show evidence of environmental degradation 

Just Common Sense

Keep our resources in the country, create thousands of real jobs and a sustainable economic structure in the long-run.

Option 5

Bust the unions
Call up your CEO friends in broadcasting and media to roll out a smear campaign targeting unions.
(Lower union membership will drive down minimum wage, and remove any expectations of benefits, maternity leave, and general ‘worker rights’.)

STOP busting unions!

Get everyone unionized so that we all receive decent pay, vacation, and benefits as well as sick day and disability leave.

Don’t forget, the budget problem doesn’t exist anymore…if you’ve carried out the first 4 options


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