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Politicians Behind the Mask

It seems politics are alive and kicking! And the game hasn’t changed since, well, the word POWER was created. And even though they managed to keep a good public face for years, the truth always emerges.

Enjoy this little look at some of our favourite political figures (of late!)

Politician Public Private

stephen-harper-11Stephen Harper

- Woodrow Wilson Award for public service (2006)

- Presidential Gold Medallion for Humanitarianism (2008)

- World Statesman of the Year (2012)
Harper is honoured by being the first ever PM to be held in contempt of Parliament. He also is responsible for destroying decades of environmental protection in Canada, CPC election fraud in 6 ridings, election RoboCalling, turning a blind eye to Senate Bad Business, and killing funding to women’s groups, etc. All this in a few short years!
pam-wallinPamela Wallin - Order of Canada (2007)

- Canada’s consul general in NYC (2002-2006)

- Chancellor of the University of Guelph
- Honorary Colonel of the Royal Canadian Air Force
Under federal audit for claiming approximately $143,000 in travel expenses, paid for by Canadian taxpayers (2013).  
justin-trudeau-in-suitJustin Trudeau - Wins boxing match for charity against Sen. Brazeau (2012) Under fire after it is revealed he charged Grace Foundation of Saint John, N.B. a $20,000 speaker’s fee (2013).

mike-duffyMike Duffy

- Inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame (1994) - ACTRA Award for live television reporting; - Received honorary degrees from the University of Prince Edward Island, the  Wilfred Laurier University and from Niagara University in Niagara Falls, New York  Being audited for illegally claiming residency expenses, footed by the Canadian taxpayers (2013); claiming expenses while not on Senate business; and in March 2010, Duffy criticized the University of King's College and other journalism schools in Canada for teaching Noam Chomsky and ‘critical thinking’.
rob-ford-protestRob Ford - Toronto’s city mayor by 47% of the vote, under the promise to “Stop the gravy train” (2010) Union buster? Crack user? Alcoholic? Racist? Take your pick! (2013)
Michael Applebaum
- November, 2012, appointed as mayor of Montreal 7 months after becoming mayor, he is arrested and charged with 14 counts of fraud.  
wrightNigel Wright - BA, LLB, LLM, managing director at Onex Corporation Resigned in shame as Harper’s Chief of Staff after operating ‘secret funds’ for election purposes, and following his ‘bailing out’ of Mike Duffy.

Stay tuned for more to come!


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