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The Modern Day Salem Witch Trials

halloween-witchNot since the Salem Witch Trials has there been anything so odd. So beyond the pale. But the Salem Witch thing dates way back to 1692, a time when the devil occupied people’s minds…so something had to be done:) Thankfully the names shouted out by “tormented girls” alerted the authorities to those possessed, who were then arrested and put on trial facing the death sentence.

Then things settled down to normalcy, more or less, until the McCarthy hearings of the 1950's. That too was very weird, spiteful and cruel; but it too finally ended.

But today in 2013, more than three hundred years after Salem, there is something weirder and wackier going on…in CANADA. It is the SCIENCE thing.

The hell with test tubes, scientific theories and steaming beakers!!! SCIENCE, according to Stephen Harper, cannot be trusted! Nor can SCIENTISTS! No, it does not matter that we’ve cracked the atom, that we’ve duplicated the beginning of creation, or that many of the medical achievements are saving lives. No. No. No. Scientists have suddenly become witches who today practice witchcraft…well, , some call it science, but that’s really witchcraft!

So Stephen Harper has started a witch hunt...with the power of government on his side.

Harper-Witch-realSo far, Harper has:
1) Forbidden scientists to speak freely about their work
2) Shut down the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Science
3) Closed shop on the National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy
4) Slashed budgets for the Experimental Lakes Area (the world’s leading freshwater research facility)
5) Replaced the long-form census with a voluntary household survey
6) Opted Canada out of the Kyoto accord
7) Backed out of the UN’s Vienna Declaration on HIV/AIDS, and
8) Forced the abandonment of about 500 environmental impact assessments across Canada with his June 2012 Omnibus bill

Anything that smacks of that witchcraft science is on the chopping block!!!

Why? Because the man is afraid of evidence-based policy-making. Why? Because it would force him - and all Canadians - to consider what these cuts are doing to the safety of our own, and our planet’s, health.

In other words, no evidence, no problem!

Harper’s right about one thing though: science is pretty damn magical. Because it’s the only thing that can reliably tell us how fast we’re traveling toward full-out environmental havoc.

So come on, Canada!
Let’s tell the government we’ll take that scientific voodoo over Harper any day!

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