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July 31, 2013
The Media Is Our Enemy

Today: What really took down Detroit?

There is no end to the ways Corporate Media twists events, stories and facts around to create ‘news’ that ends up serving the interests of the 1% and the forces in control at the expense of the rest of us.

Last week we looked at the example of Hamilton Ontario (view here) this week it’s Motor City U.S.A. where pensions and public services are being blamed for the havoc wrought by corporate subsidies and business boondoggles.

Detroit-DefaultsDetroit: Home of the big three, one of the great battle grounds for the right to unionize, and joined at the hip with Windsor Ontario, has gone bankrupt. And a lot of news outlets took the opportunity to blame Detroit’s pensioners (See Here) as well as the city’s expenditures on welfare and social niceties like schools and fire departments for the demise of the city…and we were all supposed to take notes.

In The National Post there was no ambiguity about the lessons we need to learn “Charles Krauthammer: “How socialism killed Detroit” * And in The Globe and Mail, Detroit’s bankruptcy was the occasion to take a hard look at  “PUBLIC FINANCES: Lessons from the Motor City” **

Finally, Salon Magazine *** (often a bastion of clear headed thinking) made it quite clear what they thought was behind the bankruptcy of what was once a great city: “Conservatives want you to think high taxes drove people away. The real truth is much worse for their radical agenda”. The “real truth” as Salon so clearly explains:

NAFTA and all the other agreements worked out between governments and companies allow plants to close shop overnight and head for countries with cheaper labour and virtually no labour laws. This, Salon aptly points out, was the case not only in Detroit but also Rhode Island, where “the state underfunded its public pensions for years, while giving away $356 million in a year in corporate subsidies and likewise in Kentucky, where public pension funds were raided “to finance $1.4 billion a year in tax subsidies, and then when the crisis hit, lawmakers there slashed pension benefits— not the corporate subsidies.”

motorcityThis is right-wing propaganda at its finest - taking advantage of tragedies to twist facts into something that scares the public, and gets the corporations the money they want. The “real truth”? All over the world, we’re being taken advantage of by greedy, ideological businessmen.

The majority of Canadian and American media outlets don’t want you to know the “real truth”. They want to keep spinning a myth that keeps the corporations large and in charge...and ‘the people’ ignorant to a scary - and devastating – reality. Sorry media, but we just ain’t buying it anymore. The truth is out there - however buried under piles and piles of mainstream lies - and ‘the people’ are finally starting to see it. 



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