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Homer Seguin - An Odyssey Worth Honouring

hi-homer-seguin2-852-6colHomer Seguin, who passed away last week, did more for Canadian workers during his 80 years of life than any politician or businessperson of name. But he died with little fanfare. Even though his tireless commitment led to better working conditions for every single worker in Canada.

Working most notably in the Occupational Health & Safety field, Seguin was instrumental at Elliot Lake when uranium miners were coming down with cancer due to radiation exposure. After assisting in the establishment of safety standards for the workers, he went on to help found the northeast cancer centre. To so many, we was a layman’s hero.

Strange, then, that in the same week Seguin passed away without a blip on the radar, Prince Philip was made a Companion of the Order of Canada. Prince Philip, whose achievements include, uh...being born into a very rich family. And another Order of Canada honouree, Conrad Black, convicted of three counts of fraud. Or Paul Martin, owner of Canada Steamship Lines, who re-flagged his ships to boast those of the Bahamas to avoid paying taxes in Canada.

So no, Homer, you will not receive the high honour you should. But thank you for your incredible contributions to the Canadian employment landscape. Thank you for fighting for our rights. Thank you for making our lives better, safer, and more enjoyable. Your work is everyday honoured by Canadians employed in safer and healthier work environments.

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