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Terrorism and Attacks on our Democracy

Violent acts of terrorism are intended to create a climate of fear in order to enforce a code of silence among the people. They are brutal attacks on our democracy and their source must be seriously identified and put down.

child-careBut wait! Our democracy and way of life, especially our right to dissent, have already come under repeated attack…not from terrorists from another land, but from forces “home grown”.

Our children suffered the first attacks back in 2006 when the proposed child care program was killed, leaving their working parents destitute. Women’s organizations and church groups (unless these were obviously pro-life) came next when funds to their organizations were also slashed. Still, people asked, why was government funding being cut to groups struggling to bring about a better world at home and abroad? Why should the attempts of women still fighting for equality be totally scorned by abrupt funding cuts?

Then came environmental laws designed to protect planet earth: these too were slashed but with a special vengeance it seemed! Out with you! – said our new government. In fact dissent of every kind was suddenly outlawed - from the songs of raging grannies urging us to recognize their needs, to government scientists wanting to make us aware of factors that could affect us. Nothing was sacred. Democracy itself was under siege. But not from international terrorists. Not from individuals supposedly about to blow up a train.

harper-fingerIn just a few short years, this violent suppression of basic human rights had come about - not by international terrorists but by the very individuals we had elected to guarantee us these rights. The main culprit? Stephen Harper. An individual now well known for having prorogued parliament unfairly to avoid answering important questions (an act common among dictators), and to have brought about an incredible clamp-down of public information that directly affects us; all this while handing out billions in tax cuts to corporations.

No matter how you cut it, the assault on our democracy and on the lives of the people, including those in the greatest need, is unprecedented and ones that few of us would have thought possible just a few years ago.

And because they are an attack on our democracy, their source must also be identified, then prevented from causing us further harm. The attacks on us must be stopped not through more violence or abusive tactics similar to those used by our prime minister, but by our outrage. Our Voices. Our votes.


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