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It’s like a bad April's fool joke headline:

“Government still can't find the missing
3.1 Billion Dollars...”

They’ve searched high and low for it: under Stevie’s couch cushions, inside’s Tony Clement’s $5 Million toilets he had built in an empty field in his riding, even checked some of the Senators’ briefcases. Nothing! It’s been a year now since Canada's Auditor General blew the whistle on this!

You’d figure this would be a big deal, after all the government blew a gasket when Mike Duffy fiddled with 90 thousand in taxpayer money....the $3.1 Billion is the same as millions of Mike Duffys caught with their hand in the piggy bank. But Harper just shrugged his shoulders, no big deal, he said. Just an accounting difference. “Amazing, said former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page, “Can you imagine, in a private-sector world, where $3-billion went missing and they went back to shareholders and said, ‘Ah, sorry, folks, but we don’t know where it is’?”

foodbank$3 Billion is the equivalent of giving every Canadian a cheque for $90,000. Or the same as the country's old age pension supplement for ten years. It’s more than the whole country spends on food banks for a year. It’s enough money to ease the agony of 150,000 Canadians needing affordable housing.

This isn't a case of one sleazy bad apple. This is the case of a whole barrel full of apples, i.e., the entire PC government. And there' s no outrage on the part of us citizens because we’re finding it hard to wrap our heads around the numbers.

But because the Conservatives don't have the moral decency to be ashamed, we need to be angry. We’re letting them walk all over us; sucking our life blood of all that is decent.

By the way one last number...in the year that that 3.1 Billion has been reported missing, the interest alone would have been about 160 million: that's about the same as the budgets for The Canada Council or Sports Canada, or ten times as much as the cuts made to all organizations fighting for a better Canada. And don’t forget, that's just the interest, pocket change as the Conservative Senate Cronies would say.

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