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Harper - The Real Canadian Cyber Bully

The news these days is awash with stories about cyber-bullying, the latest of which has been - of course - the horrific story of Rehtaeh Parsons. Critics, reporters, bloggers, tweeters...everyone has an opinion. But Harper has piped up of late, calling the online bullying ‘criminal activity’, removing any ‘softer’ connotations associated with the word such as ‘hazing’ or ‘intimidation’.

antitrudeauHarper even travelled to Nova Scotia in order to speak to Parsons’ parents and express his heartfelt concern for the young woman’s fate. But while there, he (not surprisingly) played the hypocrite: as Harper sat down to hold hands and share tears with the Parsons family, he simultaneously defaced Trudeau in a mass cyber-bullying campaign. The Harper Government defended the campaign as another part of the political debate, but the online ‘debate’ was tantamount to cyber defamation: attacking character as oppose to policy, using blatant lies, and mercilessly tearing Trudeau to shreds. Make no mistake, these were political attack ads at their best...but exacted through the web.

But Harper has other motives at play.

Think of Bill C-30. Although not passed, it was aimed at “Protecting Children from Internet Predators”. That’s actually what the act was called. Seems smart during this time of internet terrorizing, right? Well, if there’s one thing Harper has taught us, it’s to never EVER trust a goddam word he says. Or thing he does. Or look he gives. What appears as ‘genuine Harper concern’ (an oxymoron on all fronts), may in reality be a poising of the Harper Government to strip Canadians of their online privacy rights. Simply extend warrantless online police surveillance, and use cyber-bullying as the thin veil of justification.

But don’t trust us, just wait and see.

All we here at Op Maple can say is - Keep Asking Questions. Nothing is as it seems, and our only defense is to keep our eyes open.

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