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Harper and Nuclear Hell

fighter-jetsIf there were ever any doubt that the views and feelings of Stephen Harper do NOT reflect the feelings of regular Canadians, Harper’s decision to defend Israel from allowing public access to its nuclear arsenal recently should put those feelings to rest. This is how it went down.

Israel has an arsenal of around 400 nuclear weapons – enough to wipe out the Middle East; but it is not a “declared” nuclear power and won’t allow inspection of its arsenal – even though it conducts a big witch hunt over Iran's "suspected nukes.

But the memory of the deadly mushroom cloud (Hiroshima) still lingers in everyone’s mind, including the minds of most world leaders. And fearing that Israel’s hoard of nuclear weapons is a danger to the area, if not to the world, the UN General Assembly recently voted to call on Israel one more time to join the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and open its nuclear facilities to inspection. It was an attempt on the part of world leaders to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone.

So in early December last year, the U.N., held this vote. Results: 174 in favor, 6 against. Those voting against were Israel, the U.S., Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau (these last three countries have a combined population of 200,000 and are obliged to mushroom-cloudvote as the U.S., because of their aid package). So Israel still officially denied anyone access to its nuclear facilities. And our prime minister voted along with this.

We are reticent of talking about Israel because any criticism is instantly, and overwhelmingly, greeted by cries of Anti-Semitism. This has been a successful hammer in the past and continues to make us feel uneasy. But Canadians do not dislike Jews. Nor do they dislike Iranians. Or Palestinians. But they do dislike the political decisions being made at their expense. No citizen anywhere in the world wants to see the devastation that would result from a nuclear war, so we are talking about our very existence. And we have a responsibility to speak to this.

harper-nuclearWe all want to preserve our planet so that it can be inhabited by those who will come after us, but have yet to speak. In many respects, this is the central issue of our time. But our planet is being threatened in other ways – such as the many cuts made to the protection of our environment. This too will harm our earth for those who will come after us.

Stephen Harper does not represent our love for the land or its people. He represents, instead, the interests of the very few for greater wealth; and this has already come at our expense.

This is why Stephen Harper has to go.


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