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Government Double-Speak


When a government stops helping the poor, the homeless and the sick until they starve, it is seen as being fiscally conservative.

When powerful corporations spend millions of dollars to persuade foreign governments to support them at the expense of the people, it’s called corruption. When it’s done in Canada, it’s known as lobbying.

When a homeless person steals a purse he or she is called a criminal; when Bay Street bankers steal millions of dollars from the poor it’s called playing the market.

When the average person avoids paying taxes, it's called theft or tax evasion. When corporations do it, it’s called creative accounting.

When people protest, demonstrate and fight back against harmful policies, they are disrupting the peace. When governments cut social spending, undermine unions and take away liberties, it’s called austerity.

When the poor call for the rich to pay their share in taxes, it's called class warfare. When the rich force taxpayers to subsidies workers because they won't pay them a living wage, it's called laissez-faire.

Were a third-world country to come to Canada, destroy tobacco fields and kills its distributors, it would be called terrorism. When powerful governments invade third-world countries, destroy crops and kill peasant farmers, it’s called the war on drugs.

When people spend more money than they actually have, it’s called irresponsible spending; when banks do the same, it’s called growing the economy.

When a supposedly hostile country enriches uranium, it is seen as a threat to humanity. When a violent U.S. ally enriches uranium, it’s called self-defence.


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