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Corporate Greed Government Acquiescence


Sometimes it can seem too much…Sometimes there are just too many examples of corporate greed and government acquiescence jumping out at you ….And this is one of those weeks: 3

That’s the number of truly unbelievable stories that have popped up in the last week that lay bare the sleazy corrupt agenda of the world of Corporate-Government co-habitation….

250 Million Dollars

wheat-board-20111115That’s the price the Canadian Government is charging a Saudi Arabia company for the right to take control of the Canadian Wheat Board. What once was a national treasure and the salvation of the family farm on the prairie will now be under the control of a country that has never grown a stalk of wheat and thinks the way it sells oil and props up extremist groups to be business as usual. You got to give the Harper Conservatives credit for consistency. They’d rather any corporate entity in the world control a Canadian initiative than a collective of Canadians committed to the best interest of their farms, their neighbours and their country. What is it about oil that seems to turn the heart to stone and the eyes to dollar signs?

Pat Martin of the NDP nailed the bad math here:
“This is a strategic industry for Canada. It might be different if they sold the wheat board for billions of dollars. But they didn’t. They’re handing it over free of charge. All the assets – we’re talking the thousands of rail cars, the port terminals, the ships on the Great Lakes. They have handed over the keys to these guys with a promissory note that they’ll invest $250-million in the future.”


1 Billion Dollars vs 4 Billion Dollars

hydroThe math on this one just sucks big time. So Ontario Hydro (Hydro One) brings in a billion dollars a year to the province and the province needs the money. But the Province has decided to buy hook line and sinker the idea that private enterprise can do anything better than Government so Kathleen Wynne, the darling of progressives for some reason, is going to sell a majority stake in Ontario Hydro for 4 billion dollars or about 4 years’ worth of revenue. Are they nuts…that’s not rhetorical….are they nuts? Think about it. The Government hired a former head honcho at a bank to advise them on getting their economic house in order. He said, why don’t you sell the crown jewels? Wynne and her supposed coterie of the best and brightest thought that made sense and have decided to do so. Can no one in that government add?


24 Million Stacked against 139 Million

trailerparkboysYou’d think this math would be easy…24 million is what it costs the Nova Scotia government to subsidize the film industry which last year brought in 139 million in wages, materials and taxes. But when it comes to funding a cultural industry the math is never easy…consider that in the last week a glorified fish plant owner who has never met a subsidy or government grant he didn’t salivate over urged the Nova Scotia Government to put the screws to all the folks who make films.
Sign the petition against these cuts here

JohnRisley2That’s right, John Risley, owner of Clearwater Seafoods and who is worth over a Billion Dollars, applauds the decision by Premier Stephen McNeil to trash a political commitment and immediately end the tax credit that is the lifeblood of movie and television production in a province more used to earning its living fishing and cutting trees. The hypocrisy of the ‘business man’ has been noted throughout Canada’s Ocean Playground but should be broadcast across the country. This is a guy who was granted exclusive right to lobster throughout Atlantic Canada, a right given to him by Government, who thinks that somehow helping people bring money to the province through artistic endeavours is a causeway too far. By the way, and we need to give you an irony alert here, Contrarian reports that Risley issued his anti-subsidy rant a week after Ottawa had forked over 1 million dollars to help the company map the oceans.

Sources: Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Contrarian

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