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1. HE WILL LIE…about the deficit, the debt and how long before the Government has a balanced budget…he’ll tell you that the hard work of Harper’s government means that by 2015 the Conservatives will have a balanced budget but until then the “work” continues….and by work he means stripping the government of every possible means of doing good for the ordinary people of the country…and giving everything that isn’t nailed down to the bankers and the corporations….

8575699312 38754a43c9 b2. HE WILL LIE….about how the efforts of the Government in cutting red-tape and corporate taxes has kept Canada’s economy vibrant in a difficult world climate…he’ll lie about how the government has insured that those who truly need are not without and that those who would scam the system are stopped and punished and by that he means the ‘corporations’ that truly need tax assistance and by scammers he means librarians at fisheries and oceans and scientists throughout the government and some 15,000 other civil servants who have lost their jobs in the last two years and the 5,000 more who face the axe this year…

HE WILL LIE about why you are supposed to feel good while you watch millions, including yourself, wrestle with economic hardship while corporations off-shore your jobs or bump you for a temporary foreign worker…he will lie about the good times your kids can look forward to even while cutting job creation efforts, slashing skill development programs and education funds generally…

We know he will tell all these lies because he has told these lies consistently ten times since he became finance minister back in 2006….He and his boss Stephen Harper share one deep truth…you lie until you are kicked out of office or until they start believing your lies to be the truth…the only thing that really matters on Budget day is whether we start believing his lies…everything else is just lies, lies, lies……

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