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Operation Maple's Yearbook: The Class of Super Scum-Bags



“Business rewards politicians who take care of them”
- Neil Brooks (view clip now)

If you thought that those whom we elect have our best interests at heart, think again. Below is a collection of politicians who “took care of business” while they were in parliament. For that they were rewarded with large pay cheques and comfy seats as CEO's of large corporations.





Brian Mulroney
Former Prime Minister

His government was best known for sneaking a massive tax increase through the back door using an "emergency" clause and proceeding to deliver the worst annual budget deficits that Canada had ever seen.

Accomplishments in parliament:
• Killed thousands of jobs via NAFTA
• Tremendously weakened the Canadian dollar
• massively damaged Canada's international credit rating
• Had a lavish "farewell tour" without conducting any official business
• Alienated Quebec

His reward? Cushy Board of Directors positions at multiple corporations, including Barrick Gold, Quebecor Inc., Archer Daniels Midland, TrizecHahn Corp. (Toronto), Cendant Corp., AOL Latin America Inc., and Cognicase Inc.

"Corporations really love ya don't they Brian!"




Mike Harris
Former Ontario Premier

Former leader of the Ontario PCs where he became known for his "common sense revolution".

Results of his "revolution":
• fired 6000 healthcare workers
• closed 35 hospitals
• cut program spending by 4.7 percent
• cut healthcare by 2 billion
• created an epidemic in doctor shortages

Became “lead director” on the Magna International Board, where Harris approved a $127 million pay package for six executives in 2010. Mr. Harris earned $684,930 from Magna in 2011. Recently stepped down from Magna.

"Were the million dollar pay packages 'common sense'?"




Loyola Hearn
Former Minister of Fisheries

Former schoolteacher is now the Ambassador to Ireland, a job he received more for Conservative Party loyalty than international experience (oh ya, he had never been to Ireland).

Accomplishments in parliament:
• defended the seal hunt
• repeatedly lied about environmentalists
• forced to withdraw his claims after it was shown that humane society officials hadn’t been arrested during their campaign against the seal hunt as he claimed.

"Way to be 'loyal', Loyola."





Frank McKenna
Former New Brunswick Premier

Former leader of the New Brunswick provincial Liberals.

Accomplishments in parliament:
• changed the phone number of the Premier's office to 1-800-MCKENNA


After government, he became Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group and Chairman of the Board at Brookfield, the corporation responsible for evicting Occupy protestors from Zuccotti Park in New York. Brookfield also cut workers’ pensions at Fraser Pulp & Paper by 35.4% in New Brunswick and by 40% in Quebec
(view here).

"You really nailed it there didn't you Frankie!"




John Tory
Former Ontario MPP

Former leader of Ontario's PC party. Noted for mocking Prime Minister Chretien’s facial deformity in campaign ads and for supporting the elimination of First Nations right to protest. Mr. Tory is now president of Thomson Investments Limited and a director of Rogers Communications.

Accomplishments in parliament:
• tried to suppress First Nations right to protest by imposing monetary penalties
• tried to significantly increase funding to religious schools

"Well done John, well done."




Stockwell Day
Former Minister of Public Safety

His resignation from government prevented him from legally acting as a lobbyist. So instead he now “assists organizations… in navigating the labyrinths of government” at Stockwell Day Connex, his new consulting firm. Which is to say: he is a lobbyist.

Accomplishments in parliament:
• was successfully sued for defamation
• stole taxpayer’s money for election campaign
• denied evolution and referred to homosexuality as a “mental disorder”

"That's really giving it to them, Stockwell."




Michael Wilson
Former MP

Was a Bay Street investment executive when he was elected as a PC MP. Went on to rejoin Royal Bank of Canada and was Chairman and CEO of RT Capital until it was sold. Now a spokesman for a lobby group promoting Public-Private Partnerships.

Accomplishments in Parliament:
• helped negotiate the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA, agreements that killed hundreds of thousands of good paying Canadian manufacturing jobs.

"Thanks for sending away our jobs Michael, thanks a lot!"




Harvie Andre
Former Minister of State

After leaving parliament he went on to become President & CEO of Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd., which manufactures and distributes equipment used in oil & gas and utility drilling.

Accomplishments in Parliament:
• instituted major cuts to Canada Post


"Have Fun at the tar sands Harvie. We know you'll give it all ya got!"




 Jim Prentice
Former Minister of the Environment

Resigned in late 2010 to become vice-chairman of CIBC where, as CIBC put it “he is responsible for expanding CIBC's relationships with corporate clients across Canada and abroad, and with providing leadership on strategic initiatives to enhance CIBC’s position in the market”; nothing much there about expanding the rights of everyday Canadians.

Accomplishments in parliament:
• cancelled badly-needed funding to First Nations schools that had been recently promised by the government

"Think you can do something about those bank service fees Jim? Huh?"




Josee Verner
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

Lost federal election and was immediately appointed by Harper to the Senate. Harper had vowed earlier to never appoint unelected senators.

Accomplishments in parliament:
• attempted to reform copyright laws to match the draconian U.S. model.


"Way to keep them honest, Josee!"




Ralph Klein
Former Alberta Premier

Hired by law firm Borden Ladner Gervais as a “senior business adviser” who would bring "valuable insights”. Of course, he is not a lawyer, but his tireless political efforts on behalf of big oil companies and chummy relationships with oil execs made him a prized commodity.

Accomplishments in parliament:
• took a knife to funding for arts and health programs
• closed and actually demolished hospitals (to prevent them from being refurbished by later governments)
• laid off thousands of healthcare workers
• sold off the provincial public telephone company, AGT

"Way to go Ralphie!"


 Seriously, does this make any sense to you? 



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