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fascist-header-p3 Hmmmm... how could anyone possibly think ...

"FINALLY!!!! We’ve come to the end of this shameful, scandalous accusation! And, finally, I say unto you…make that, I say to you, that I am NOT a fascist. So hit me with Dr. Britt’s (whoever he is) last FOUR characteristics and be gone!"
- Stephen Harper 

Part 3 of the “Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism” followed by our take on how Mr. Harper might respond to each:

Alright, then! Here we go!

 “For the very last time, this is how I see it…by me. Stephen Harper. Your Prime Minister!”


No.11 Characteristic of Fascism:

Identification of Enemies

enemiesI hate the NDP. As I said back in June, 1997, “the NDP is kind of proof that the Devil lives and interferes in the affairs of men.” I also believe that any country that the U.S. or Israel doesn’t like has to be our enemy. So, yes, I have enemies, but for a reason! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Iran is a clear and present danger.” I’m absolutely convinced that Iran “would have no hesitation in using nuclear weapons” even though if they were to even arm a warhead they would be evaporated off the face of the earth.

When asked by Peter Mansbridge if he would bring in anti-terrorism laws, Harper replied: "That is our plan. We think those measures are necessary," he said."

Harper on Iran, Israel and Canada's global values:
'Rarely has the future of the free and democratic world been less secure,' Harper tells New York audience


12. Supremacy of the Military:

1306576690587 originalMy number one goal is to defend Canada. Even though we haven’t been invaded in over 200 years and there may be no real serious threats at the moment, you can never tell. We need a strong military and that means an increase in military spending. And to do that I need to cut social spending. We can’t do both. We’re a warrior nation, plain and simple and spending on the military comes first. And NO, I won’t disclose the exact amount of money that’s involved here, even though it’s taxpayers’ money, because this is on a need-to-know basis.

Defence spending increased by some 50 percent over the last seven years with most coming in the last four years of Conservative government. The current year’s defence spending, increased by the Afghan War’s costs, is above $21 billion.
In foreign policy, he has already moved Canada, for the first time in its history to the right of the United States.


13. Rampant Sexism:

stopsexismsmallIt’s not that I don’t like women, I just don’t think they need all those organizations that are eating up money that could be used someplace else. Same for a national daycare system - that’s why cutting that program was my very first act as prime minister. And about women’s rights and so on? Women are doing just fine, thank you! Do I care about the First Nations women and girls? Of course I do. Am I concerned about the hundreds that have gone missing or have been murdered? Of course I am. But we have a budget problem right now and that means we have to prioritize.

Organizations/watchdogs whose staff have been fired, forced out, publicly maligned, or who have resigned in protest: Alberta Network of Immigrant Women, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women Toronto: (Funding cut by CIC in December 2010), National association of Women and the Law (NAWL), Native Women’s Association of Canada, New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, Reseau des Tables regionales de groupes de femmes du Quebec, Riverdale Women’s Centre in Toronto, Sisters in Spirit, South Asian Women’s Centre, Status of Women, Womanspace Resource Centre (Lethbridge, Alberta), Women’s Innovative Justice Initiative , Nova Scotia, Workplace Equity/Employment Equity Program, and so on.

The Conservative government is closing down most of its Status of Women Canada offices, saying they are not doing enough to serve women directly.

In 2009 the Harper government took pay equity backwards when it introduced the Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act. According to human rights advocates the bill emptied "the right to pay equity of its meaning.

Sen. Patrick Brazeau of Quebec, named to the upper chamber by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008, told Postmedia News that the rising number of dead and missing aboriginal women shows Canada is failing to protect First Nations communities.


14. Controlled Mass Media:


Okay, so the media is owned by all the heavy hitters and I happen to be buddies with those heavy hitters. There’s no law against that. The Globe & Mail supports me every which way, for heaven’s sake. And I’ve got over 1,500 communication officers handing out press releases, so I don’t understand why the liberal media says we’re not transparent or cooperative! And at least once a year I give a one-on-one interview with hard-hitting journalists like Peter Mansbridge. Love Peter…

In May 2008 the Canadian Association of Journalists awarded Prime Minister Harper its “Code of Silence Award” for 2007. “Harper's white-knuckled death grip on public information makes this the easiest decision the cabal of judges has ever rendered,” said CAJ President Mary Agnes Welch. “He's gone beyond merely gagging cabinet ministers and professional civil servants, stalling access to information requests and blackballing reporters who ask tough questions. He has built a pervasive government apparatus whose sole purpose is to strangle the flow of public information.” Canadian Association of Journalists

Fifteen hundred communications officers are at work massaging the message to fit the governing agenda. Bureaucrats, including those at the Privy Council Office are pressured into becoming propagandists.

Public appearances by cabinet ministers – whether it's a speech or an interview – are carefully staged, starting with a "message event proposal" vetted by the Privy Council Office, the bureaucratic wing of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).


So, no, I certainly don`t see myself as a fascist. Not at all.

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