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Our Souls Are At Stake
An Open Letter to Stephen Harper


Dear Mr. Stephen Harper,

We are all God’s Children. But we are lost and we need your help to save us from the burning fires of hell.

god-pickOur problem, Mr. Harper, should not be a problem at all. We believe in much of what your faith, the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, espouses. As taken from your faith’s website, we believe in “ministering to the poor and oppressed”: social justice, equitable public policy, and social welfare are a mainstay of the Canada we want; we believe in creating “strategies, structures and policies that enhance local initiative”, such as the funding of co-operatives in oppressed communities across the country, or bringing in policies that would eliminate the need for food banks; we also want to serve our fellow people with “humility and compassion”: Canada should provide refugees adequate healthcare, so all people can lead a dignified life in our country.

Yet the reason we fear our own souls may be at stake is because while championing your religion, you’ve acted in opposition to what your own faith dictates. For example, Christ never sucked up to the 1%. Instead he kicked them out of the temple. Not only do you suck up to the 1%, you also change the laws to satisfy the cruel needs of the 1%.

For instance, there are 750,000 working Canadians who, despite their jobs, still live in poverty (Tony Martin). “There are no bad jobs” is pure myth. Your outsourcing policies, your drive to the bottom, your barring collective bargaining within unions...these lower our working wage, increase the gap between rich and poor, and remove any hope the average person has for a decent life.

r-canada-child-poverty-campaign-2000-large570Children are particularly impacted by poverty, and Canada currently sits 24th out of 35 industrialized nations when it comes to child poverty rates. As for our environment - the same environment from where Jesus got his plentiful fish - you are in the process of gutting our Fisheries Act, removing smokestack pollution scientists at Environment Canada, and you call Greenpeace a “multi-issue extremist group”. All of this adds to your ultimate assault: the erosion of our democracy.

Dear Mr. Harper, we were brought up to believe there is a moral connection between one’s religion and the compassion with which we treat others. We therefore ask that you follow the example of Jesus Christ...or, if you prefer, the principles of your own church. Otherwise, explain to us why your church permits the blatant exploitation and oppression of human beings, and the planet on which we live. Truly, the salvation of our souls hang in the balance, here.

God bless,

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