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The Gang of Seven
Media in Canada


 6) The Globe and Mail: Harper's Mouthpiece

Globe-and-MailThe Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest national-circulation newspaper, and second-largest daily newspaper, providing news to over 1 million Canadian readers. It is also Harper’s mouth piece.


Because it is owned by the Thomson family, ranked number one on Canada’s richest citizens list. The Thomson Corporation’s Chair, David Thomson, wants to keep his money, all $21.3 billion of it. That means corporate cuts - really big ones. And Harper is the man who delivers it to him.

The Dark Truth
leaders-2011On April 27th, mere days before this May’s federal election, The Globe published an opinion piece reviewing the top 3 parties’ leaders. They glossed over Ignatieff and the now-late Jack Layton, but touted Harper as being the only man with “the leadership”, “the discipline”, and “the bullheadedness” to captain our country. The Globe has reported (albeit softly) on Harper’s extensive abuse of democracy: from his two-time parliament shut-down; his anti-arts funding, anti-public healthcare, and anti-welfare state positions; and his bending of the access-to-information act (see links at the end of this article for more info). And yet, despite Harper’s obvious attacks on democracy, The Globe and Mail paved the way for his election as Prime Minister by calling him the best man for the job.


How can this be?

The Globe is owned by the Thomson's. They’re the one per cent of the one per cent. They care about staying on top, no matter the cost.  

So, when Mr. Harper arrives on the scene, slashing the public sector, cutting the corporate tax rate, and breathing cash into anything that makes money, the Thomson's took notice. We were, after all, in a recession, and Harper was indeed ‘bullheaded’: he defied public opinion, favouring financial sector opinion. And this meant he favoured The Globe, pandering to the Bay street suits...Thomson included.

The “You scratch our backs, we’ll scratch yours” mentality quickly set in. And The Globe’s 1 million plus readers were inundated with pro-Harper news bites. No longer were The Globe’s subscribers absorbing fair, transparent journalism. Instead, they were made into an unwitting audience for Harper ‘commercials’.

Is that really what we deserve?

The Globe’s Slanted Math

Harper calls Canada a “conservative country”, one where the average citizen stands behind his pro-business policies. And The Globe, acting as his mouthpiece, mirrors this view.

But is it true that the average Canadian citizen endorses tax-cuts to corporations, at the expense of our healthcare, roads, and public transportation?

Is it really true that we’re a country gone broke, when Stephen Harper spends $1.1 billion for the G-20 summit?

Cartoon20100715With corporations hoarding their billions (having gained billions more via Harper’s tax cuts) Harper and The Globe possess the perfect excuse for justifying their continued assault on the welfare state: “we’re outta money”. They’re crying wolf, so they can continue to stuff their pockets without being handcuffed and thrown into prison. And who loses out? The Average Canadian Citizen - the exact people who apparently stand behind our great Conservative nation.

Sorry, Globe, but your reporting just doesn’t add up.

Harper’s Globe

A newspaper that thinks a leader who blatantly undermines democracy is a “moderate and pragmatic” leader is out to lunch. A newspaper that endorses a leader who actively dampens debate and free expression is a newspaper afraid to honestly report. And it is no surprise that the 17th most-wealthy man alive today, David Thomson, is happy to have it so. Harper wants Thomson, Thomson wants Harper. Together they can forward the pro-business, anti-human agenda - and watch their bank statements reach new highs.

If you’re a Globe reader, consider who’s manning the ship, and why. Instead, think about looking to some alternative sources for your facts, like http://truthfool.tumblr.com/, Adbusters, The Nation, Rabble and so on. But there aren’t that many of them.




line-800px5) Shaw Media - A Family Affair

car radioIt’s shortly after 5 and you’re driving home from work. You’re tired. You switch on the radio and there’s a piece about Canada’s Kyoto pull-out. You’ve already heard too much so you flick to another station. Same thing. Seems that every opinion echoes that withdrawing from Kyoto was smart. It saves $14 billion for Canada. We can invest in new initiatives with more reasonable targets. All of it sounds kind of intelligent, so maybe they’re right?

But all this stuff is too annoying and complicated. Plus, it’s just too much thinking right now. So instead you look for music. Something easier to listen to.

Confused, frustrated, and left in the dark, we’ve fallen victim to a small group of people who benefit hugely from keeping us all disinterested and muddled up. These are the media CEOs, the newsmakers whose only stake in the matter of journalism is their profit margin. They make calculated efforts to keep us, the public, unaware of what’s actually going on. Because the truth is ugly, and if we knew what was really happening, we’d get angry.

So to keep their bank accounts safe, outfits like Shaw media keep us misinformed, confused, searching for music after a tough day at work.


shaw media

Their Big Stake

Shaw Media is big. Huge. It may have started off as a smaller Edmonton-based company, but it quickly gobbled up more firms across Canada. The Shaw family now controls (but does not own) monster-size Corus Entertainment, as well as CanWest Global. Global Television reaches over 94% of English-speaking Canadians, whilst channels like E! Entertainment Television and specialty programming like HGTV, Showcase, Slice, Fox Sports World Canada, and BBC Canada, all reach Shaw’s 3.4 million customers - and you’re likely one of them. Basically, you can’t live in Canada and not hear the Shaw Family’s opinions.

JR Shaw is Canada’s 42nd richest citizen, and with a conservative personal worth of 1.44 billion dollars, he sits pretty atop the food chain. And he wants to stay there.


 The Government's in on it...  

stock-market-investingWhen we think news, we think world events - important pieces of information that drive the daily activities of our planet or that may affect us in some way. When the large media conglomerates think news, they think profits. Their irrational drive to make money is the only thing on their minds. But to do that they keep us in the dark, so we get half-true news reports, and bad journalism.

The connect here is that Shaw gets big corporate tax breaks from our government. They pay 15 per cent or less, while we pay a third of our income! The back-scratching between Canada’s newsmakers and our government means we get screwed over in the process. Instead of hearing the full story, we get patchy cover-ups and entertainment pieces that blur the real issues at hand. So the government looks good, and the newsmakers rake in the cash.


Ever-Expanding Shaw

NewsControlA Senate Committee report from 2006 - yes, almost 6 years ago - showed deep concern over the ever-concentrating media ownership in Canada. They found it worrisome because it means that average Canadians can’t protect themselves. The  dominance of the Big 7 is a self-perpetuating machine: The bigger it gets, the smaller the n umber of captains at the helm. And the easier it is to shove aside dissident voices, and cut away any inconvenient news stories, alternative journalism, or even satirical entertainment. The publisher doesn’t hold a gun to a reporter’s head to make him slant the news. He doesn’t have to. The reporter “knows” what he or she can or cannot write about.

 The effect? Rich businessmen and women protect each other’s behinds, while we get served incomplete, skewed, and purposely faulty information. All meant to keep us quiet, disinterested, and apathetic enough that we can’t be bothered to react.

And that’s why we switch to a music station, “Let’s just leave it to the politicians to  deal with”.

For example, on November 30th 2011, Shaw reported having signed on with rival company Rogers Communications, in a joint effort to speed ahead in the race to concentrate media. The two giants announced their long-term agreement for Rogers’ distribution of all Shaw Media services, thereby furthering Canadian media’s centralized power, diminishing news diversity, and narrowing the competition.

And this comes years after government committees have repeated over and over that media concentration in Canada has become excessive and dangerous for Canadians. 


Shaw Media is Also a Bully 

In December 2010, Shaw started a usage-based billing plan for internet users, averaging $1-$2 per gigabyte. This is internet bullying at its finest: when customers inevitably go beyond their information ‘cap’, they pay out the nose. As one of only two countries that don’t offer unlimited Internet service, Canadians bear the brunt of Shaw’s corporate greed.


The Jig is Up 

control-mediaWe have to admit to ourselves that the news we read is mostly bunk. It’s created by individuals who want to keep us stupid and quiet. If we don’t at least concede that we’re being had, we’ll have to keep buying into the lies - and risking our own livelihood and quality of life - because absolutely none of us can make informed and intelligent decisions without valid and reliable information. We’ll never get any of this with the news sources we have today.

If you’re hungry for another point of view, consider looking at The Nation, Ad busters, Rabble, and CCPA as alternative news sources. They’re a great start for getting information that large media organizations don’t want us to see!



  • YTV
  • Treehouse
  • Nickelodeon Canada
  • 50% of Teletoon
  • 50% of Teletoon Retro
  • W Network
  • Cosmopolitan TV
  • Oprah Winfrey Network
  • W Movies
  • CMT
  • Sundance Channel
  • DUSK
  • Telelatino
  • Movie Central
  • HBO Canada
  • 3 local-air stations
  • 9 multiplex channels
  • 37 radio stations





4) Irving Media

220px-Irving Big StopThe Irving Media phenomenon is the perfect example of how major Canadian powers conspire to control our lives and work against us.

So all-pervasive is the Irving media that it has entered every pore and fibre of the New Brunswick citizenry and managed to mask and remove essential facts that are necessary for readers to protect themselves. There are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake for the Irvings, so keeping the public often misinformed and in line is vitally important to them.


Here’s an example of the Irving media and their friends at work

In the late-60s the Irvings, owning millions of acres of Crown lands, decided to use deadly chemicals to stop the spruce budworm infestation. The first chemical to be used was Fenitrothion, a chemical developed from nerve-gas research carried out during WWII. Fenitrothion was considered lethal and the whole world had incontrovertible evidence to this effect. In the U.S., the chemical was considered ‘too dangerous’ for use at the time and in Canada it was not even registered for use. And yet the New Brunswick government and the National Research Council recommended spraying NB woodlands with this toxic chemical.

The government, wanting to appear committed somewhat to public safety, had the National Research Council hire Dr. G. S. Cooper to head a committee to investigate the potential dangers of using Fenitrothion. Dr. Cooper, at the time he led this investigation, sat as managing director of Cyanamid of Canada – the company manufacturing Fenitrothion.


Of course, there was little mention of this if any in the Irving media. In fact, the Irving media and the NB government assured the public that the chemical wassafe. By 1971, close to half of all chemicals sprayed in Canada were sprayed over New Brunswick woodlands. All the while the New Brunswick people remained ignorant to the dangers they faced.

But it didn’t take long for the spray to create some nasty effects. Not only did the chemicals affect birds, insects, fish runs and pollute rivers and wells, they also affected people – children mostly. Those children who lived alongside spray areas thought it was fun to run after the converted World War II fighter planes, now spray planes, and breathe in the poisonous mist. They had no fear since they had been assured, through the Irving media, that the chemicals were safe.

Soon children with mysterious sets of symptoms were being flown from New Brunswick to the Halifax Children’s Hospital by Air and Sea Rescue. And at a hospital in Moncton, doctors sounded the alert on the growing numbers of kids developing a potentially deadly disease called Rey’s Syndrome. Of the nine children who developed this syndrome, five died.

Parents soon kept their children away from spray planes, and formed a group called “Concerned Parents”. They tried to pass on their message and warnings to other parents but were stonewalled by both the Irving media and various departments of government. Looking back on this now it’s easy to see how this “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” attitude between the Irvings and the politicians worked so well, enabling the Irvings to make profits at the expense of the people and the land. But back then, things weren’t so clear since the Irving media blocked information that should have been made public. So the Irvings continued to ravage the woodlands and countless communities with the poisonous chemicals.

spray-plane-mediaTHIS is the power of the media that it can effectively rob us of the information necessary to protect ourselves. And this is the legacy the Irving media has left its New Brunswick readers: robbing the people of information that these chemicals may have led to the death of children. This incident, for example, of a budworm spray plane crashing (in which the pilot was not injured) made the Irving papers. The many examples of families and children being sprayed upon and suffering health effects did not. 

Interestingly enough, the work of a CBC journalist at the time halted the spraying of 500,000 acres of land with the chemical Matacil. This is the exact reason why journalism – free of outside influence – is a vital part of Canada’s democratic functioning. If Irving had been able to silence this story, how many more children, how many more wells, would have been poisoned?

It’s our way or the highway!

The Irving media, along with the political parties the Irvings supported, took no prisoners. When a small weekly newspaper called The Plain Dealer took root in the mid-70s, it began questioning the spray program. It had testimony from many of the victims and exposed the issue to New Brunswickers for the first time. The result? The Plain Dealer was quickly shut down. Chowders Woodworth, a party “bagman”, called every major advertiser posting ads in The Plain Dealer and warned them that advertising in one more issue of the weekly would mean disaster. If they disobeyed, the sponsors would no longer be allowed to bid on government contracts. Hurried phone calls flooded The Plain Dealer office from anxious companies, and funding for the small weekly dried up overnight.

Keeping it In the Family

The bottom line here is that we know the Irvings have killed forests, animals, and led to the sickness of children. New Brunswickers have always suspected the Irvings of some amount of foul play, but they’ve been blinded to the extent of the harm - because the ones perpetrating the harm are the ones who control journalists charged with disseminating info.

Do the Irving companies even pay their taxes?

kc-irvingNo one really knows, since K.C. kept all his businesses in his family’s hands. But one thing is for sure: Kenneth Colin (K.C.) Irving did NOT like to pay taxes. He fought many battles with the income tax departments, ultimately choosing to leave Canada and establish himself as a resident of Bermuda. To the tropical paradise K.C. moved his head office, and managed to avoid paying taxes altogether. How can the Canadian government turn a blind eye to blatant tax evasion by Canada’s third richest citizen?  Would a single mom on UI get this kind of royal ‘exclusion’?

But the Irvings are a different story. K.C. established a succession plan that set up a trust to govern his enterprises for a period of 35 years following his death. He wanted his sons to follow his example and move to Bermuda or some other tax-free domain. But the Irving group of companies is not public, so we’ll actually never know what the deal is with the Irving and those taxes the rest of us have to pay.  

Irving Family - you’re fourth on the Gang of Seven. 

Tune in next week to see which news maker lands our media cover story. Viewer discretion is advised.




3) THE ROGERS DYNASTY: Your call is important to us!

In the begining...

ac rogers blackwhite
Edward Samuel Rogers Sr.(1900 - 1939)

When Rogers Sr. created the world’s first AC or alternation current radio tube, it was a groundbreaking invention that helped popularize radio in Canada. In the 1960s his son Ted Rogers made headway with the creation of Rogers Radio Broadcasting Ltd, a small company whose first station was CHFI-FM. In the 70s, Ted moved into cable, and then in the 80s, the mobile phone market. From here, Ted went at a break-neck speed, acquiring cable and digital tv networks, and finally spilling over into broadband internet

Then son Ted grew even bigger... 

tedrogersNow Rogers has pushed fully into publishing, broadcasting, cable, telecom, wireless, and even home monitoring, putting Canada in a veritable neck-hold and severely skewing what gets reported, and who does the reporting. T o date, Rogers boasts the largest publishing company in Canada (Rogers Publishing Ltd), Canada’s largest wireless communications services provider (under Rogers Wireless, Fido, Chatr Wireless, and Cityfone), and finally, Canada’s largest cable television service provider, Rogers Cable. With 51 radio stations, over 70 magazines, 23 tv stations, and millions of Canadian customers, the Rogers Family comes in as the 4th most rich Canadians, valued at about 5.94 billion dollars! You can be sure that this bottlenecking is intentional, designed to keep only a few individuals at the helm of every piece of information that reaches you, your friends, and your family.


And made sure he was well connected!

PWC Rogers’ hands are in several questionable pots. Its governing is linked to the largest pure gold mining company in the world, and it has dealings with ex-big bank CEOs. One look at its shareholders - those mostly-white-guys over 60 who comprise the voting body on such things as who audits the company, and how much their CEOs get paid - and it’s easy to see who is influencing the Rogers’ decision- making. There’s Charles Birchall, ex-CEO of Barrick Gold Corporation (Brian Mulroney is also a  director  of Barrick Gold – showing how easily these guys move back and forth from politicians to CEOs); Stephen Aaron Burch, ex-CEO of Virgin Media  and Comcast Cable Communications; John Henry Clappison, ex-CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers (whose total revenues in 2011 were $29.2 billion); Peter Cowperthwaite, ex-CEO and chairman of the Bank of  Nova Scotia; Isabelle Marcoux,  a VP at Transcontinental, the fourth largest print media group in Canada; and Chancellor of The University of Toronto, David Robert Peterson, to name a few.


Heavy hitters do everything they can to protect and cover themselves!

With a handful of heavy-hitters like this, the topic of who creates your news, and why, becomes glaringly obvious: these shareholders have millions of dollars in risky investments, and they’re committed to seeing a return. So how does a business like Rogers absolutely ensure that their valuable shareholders get the money they want? Take a look at Rogers’ much-criticized ISP throttling practices, and its emphasis on monopoly-style business dealings, and the picture becomes clearer.


This year has seen an unprecedented number of complaints lodged against Rogers for its throttling of online video gaming. Rogers has admitted, in regards to World of War gaming, “that equipment used to slow down some kinds of internet traffic and prioritize others could negatively affect” internet users. They fixed the problem...until it popped up again on another game.


Your call is important to us...

Rogers has also been repeatedly criticized for its price gouging, both for internet and telephone usage. Even with millions of customers, and billions in revenues, Rogers still can’t bother to provide us with good service. Dial the Customer Support line, and be prepared to endure an eternity of on-hold muzak and advertising, followed by a torturous, drawn-out, and frustrating ‘conversation’ with a robotic representative. Now that’s quality.

On top of this, they’ve been called out on their anticompetitive tactics in its creation of a ‘fighter brand’ wireless phone company, Chatr - meant to bully the smaller phone companies like Wind and Public Mobile out of the market.


The nuts and bolts of it!

But the bottom line here is that the monopoly Rogers holds - and that it continues to push forward - is bullying all other news and entertainment sources out of the picture.And the problem is not the fact that it’s a big business. The problem is that it’s a massive mega-conglomerate. It’s not that they’re rich, it’s that they’re so rich it’s crippling other competitive news/entertainment outlets, and narrowing the field of information the average Canadian can seek out.

Untitled1This means the news that reaches you is distorted, one-sided, and created with a single intention: to drive forward the agenda of our richest citizens. Why? So they can stay right where they are, atop the food chain. The cost? We all stay ignorant to what’s actually going on. If you don’t have any information against them, you’re not going to fight their ever-tightening grip.

Rogers, you’re on the Gang of 7 media mogul’s most wanted. We’re on to you!

“The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm X



belltelflange1july25-20102). BELL CANADA ENTERPRISES

Well, well, well, Bell. You may seem like a harmless phone company with nostalgic heritage roots in Canada, but you can’t fool us. What used to be the nation’s biggest telephone operator has branched out to create a sprawling news corporation that has control over practically every sector of Canadian media. Here are just a handful of Bell-owned media houses: 28 stations of the CTV television Network, CTV News Channel, Business News Network, the Comedy Network, and sympatico.ca (the 10th most-visited site in Canada). Sure, this all sounds harmless enough, but if you get your information from any of these sources - and if you’re Canadian, it’s  likely that you do - there are some dark secrets you ought to know about.

Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) is on Canada’s Most-Wanted Media Moguls list. Why? No, it’s not because they’re deadly slow to come and fix the internet. The reasons are far more sinister. Bell has some seriously questionable, and substantial, connections to finance and banking industries, reports Donald Gutstein of the Vancouver Observer. The BCE board of directors is responsible for the supervision of the management of the business, including decisions around who audits the company, and how much their CEOs should get paid. Some of its key players include CIBC Senior Exec VP JIm Prentice, Quebec’s petroleum company Gaz Metro’s Sophie Brochu, and BMO Capital Markets vice-chairman Edward C. Lumley. With revenues higher than $18.1 billion (2010), and their recent proclamation of a 41% increase in profits, what better way to ensure its hold on an ever-narrowing media world than to keep in good stead with the banks and financial institutions that fund it?

switchboardBCE has also openly admitted to bandwidth throttling, essentially using their monopoly power to eliminate  competition by leveling bandwidth capabilities between companies...so that we the consumers pay high prices, no matter where we go for our internet. This kind of anti-competitiveness flies in the face of the ‘free market’ that is supposed to ‘play fair’ and see the best business win.

But no, it doesn’t stop there. Bell Mobility has been recently accused of “intimidating and threatening employees who are exercising their right to join and support the union” CEP (Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union of Canada). Apparently, employees at a Mississauga Bell Mobility customer service centre were pressured “into signing forms revoking their membership in the union by claiming that employees [would] lose their jobs or be “locked out” if a union [were to come] in.” This activity not only violates the Canada Labour Code, but is directly intended to keep power in the hands of the head honchos, and them only.

So the next time you jump to the CTV News Channel, ask yourself: what do Bell and the Big Banks want you to see - and what do they want to keep away from the public eye? Is Bell news reporting really a benevolent and transparent dispersion of information; or is it no coincidence that issues such as the ever-increasing salaries of top financial CEOs never, ever, make it to your television set? Bell: You’re the second in our Gang of Seven.

What they own:


The Sports Network CP24 MuchMusic
Réseau des sports CTV News Channel MuchMore
TSN2 The Comedy Network MTV
RDS2 Comedy Gold MTV2
Discovery Channel Bravo! FashionTelevisionChannel
Business News Network E! Space



Call Sign






FM 103.7

Bob FM

adult hits


FM 104.9


adult contemporary



FM 101.5

Kool 101.5

hot adult contemporary



FM 101.3

The Bounce

top 40


FM 100.1


hot adult contemporary



FM 98.9

98.9 The Drive

modern rock


FM 98.3


hot adult contemporary

Kawartha Lakes


FM 91.9

Bob FM

adult hits



AM 990





AM 580




AM 1200

The Team 1200



FM 93.9

Bob FM

adult hits


FM 100.3

Majic 100

adult contemporary



FM 99.7

Energy 99.7

hot adult contemporary


FM 105.1

Country 105

country music



AM 1050

TSN Radio 1050



FM 104.5

104.5 CHUM-FM

hot adult contemporary


FM 93.5

Flow 93-5

Rhythmic Top 40



AM 1040

The Team 1040



AM 1410

The Team 1410



FM 94.5

The Beat

contemporary hit radio


FM 103.5


adult contemporary



AM 1070




FM 107.3

Kool FM

hot adult contemporary



FM 99.5




FM 105.3

Kool FM

hot adult contemporary



AM 580

AM 580 Motor City Favorites



AM 800




FM 88.7


modern rock


FM 93.9

939 The River

adult album alternative



AM 1290




FM 94.3

FAB 94.3



FM 99.9

Bob FM

adult hits









Tune in next week to see who cuts the mustard on our Media Moguls Most-Wanted List. And as always: viewer discretion is advised!


sunHave you heard of Sun Media? Perhaps you’ve read their newspaper, the Toronto Sun. Or maybe you’ve perused their pages, checking up on this week’s Sunshine Girl. Then again, you could be one of the viewers of the so-called Fox News North, AKA Sun TV. But if you or someone you know is a Sun Media follower, there’s something you need to know.

Sun Media is owned by two millionaire moguls, brothers Pierre Karl and Erik Peladeau, both heirs to the Peladeau throne. They started within daddy’s company, Quebecor, then piggy-backed their way into the Sun Media takeover. But there’s something else about Sun Media that you might not know: Mother-company Quebecor has received more than half a billion in public subsidies from Canadian taxpayers, and yet they are not accountable for this money. They’ve refused to release financial information through the Access to Information Act, whilst attacking CBC media for the public funding they receive as a publicly-owned body. And the owners of Quebecor are laughing all the way to the bank, ranked for the 3rd year in a row in Canada’s 100 most-rich list at a value of $610 million.

sun-news-peirreAnd it gets better. These brothers also killed 70% of the unionized positions that operated in their Montreal  Le Journal de Montreal  newspaper offices. They cut the workforce and left their workers hanging to dry with no money. Then, they hired back diminished, and desperate, journalists who swore to avoid unions, shut their mouths, do as they were told, and work for whatever pay they were being offered. If someone can attack and destroy unions so brutally, they’re sure to have a BIG influence over their publisher, and exactly what news is being put to print (read a letter from one of the union workers of the Journal De Montrel here).

These are the people who create your news. It’s in their interest to skew facts, quash opposing views, and twist the news. Do you want a news source that’s bent on altering reality, all so they can score a bigger cheque at the end of the year?

Think smart. Think twice. Think about who’s bringing you your news. Not all news is created equal.

Sun Media Corporation newspapers

• Calgary Sun
• Edmonton Sun
• Ottawa Sun
• Toronto Sun
• Winnipeg Sun
• Le Journal de Montréal
• Le Journal de Québec
• London Free Press

Thats not all, Sun Media is owned by Quebecor a corporation that owns a handful of news media outlets;

Barrie Examiner
Belleville Intelligencer
Brantford Expositor
Chatham Daily News
Cobourg Daily Star
Cornwall Standard-Freeholder
Kingston Whig-Standard
Niagara Falls Review
North Bay Nugget
Orillia Packet & Times
Owen Sound Sun Times
Pembroke Daily Observer
Peterborough Examiner
Port Hope Evening Guide
Sarnia Observer
Sault Star
St Catharines Standard
Sudbury Star
Timmins Daily Press
Welland Tribune
The Recorder and Times
Stratford Beacon Herald
The Daily Herald Tribune
St. Thomas Times-Journal
Fort McMurray Today
The Daily Miner and News
The Daily Graphic
Simcoe Reformer
Woodstock Sentinel Review
Journal 24 heuresTM, Montréal
Journal 24 heuresTM, et 24 HoursTM, Ottawa
24 HoursTM, Toronto
24 HoursTM, Calgary
24 HoursTM, Edmonton
24 HoursTM, Vancouver
Bancroft This Week
Barrys Bay This Week
Colborne Chronicle
Collingwood Enterprise-Bulletin
Community Press - Eastern Edition
Community Press - Quinte Edition
Community Press - Western Edition
Dresden Leader
Dunnville Chronicle
Elliot Lake Standard
Espanola Mid-North Monitor
Fort Erie Times
Gananoque Reporter
Haliburton County Echo
Innisfil Examiner
InPort News
Kingston This Week
Kirkland Lake Northern News
Lindsay Post
Markdale Standard
Midland Free Press
Minden Times
Napanee Guide
Niagara Advance
Niagara News - Thorold Edition
Pelham News
Pembroke / Petawawa News
Petrolia Topic
Picton County Weekly News
Sault Ste. Marie This Week
The Post
Trenton Trentonian
Wallaceburg News
West Niagara News

Pierre Karl and Erik Peladeau: you’re on Canada’s Most Wanted Media Moguls list.

Tune in next week for more info on the infamous Gang of Seven - Bell Canada

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