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frank-mckennaThe New Brunswick Community Action Group on Homelessness recently had a dinner and dialogue with former premier Frank Mckenna to address homelessness. Tickets were $175 each and proceeds were to go towards affordable housing; so it might make sense to have someone as popular as Mckenna to sell tickets. But if they wanted someone who actually “cared” about helping people, then Mckenna was an odd choice.

A few years after leaving politics in 1997 Mckenna joined the board at Brookfield Asset Management, eventually becoming it’s chairman. One of his greatest achievements with Brookfield, aside from helping evict the Occupy Wall Street protestors in New York, was to cut the pensions of 500 retired New Brunswick paper mill workers.

 120117 edmundston2012 022 smallFraser Papers was in financial trouble when Brookfield bought a majority of the company’s stocks and filed for bankruptcy.so hard to pay for; meanwhile the creditors, including Brookfield, received all of the $110 million it was owed.

In order to save money for his $150 billion corporation Mckenna had no problem robbing hundreds of senior citizens of a critical lifeline: their pension. How can this man be taken seriously when it comes to caring about the human problem of homelessness?


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