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Facts the Canadian Media Hides From Us



For over a decade billionaires like the Koch Brothers and the DeVos family (owners of Amway) have spent hundreds of millions to fund organizations that slander climate science and in this way discourage people from taking action.

We’ll never know the full extent of the damage caused by a decade’s worth of propaganda, but it’s been heavy – both in the U.S., and in Canada. The anti-climate change lobby helped derail Obama's cap and trade bill and climate talks at Copenhagen, while causing millions of people to ignore the possible destruction of the human species.

amwayHow did they get away with it? They followed the tobacco industry’s lead and used anonymous trusts to secretly fund “independent” and “non-partisan” groups. From 1999 two major funds, Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, gave almost $400 million to interest groups opposing climate change, unions, taxes, financial regulation and public workers. In Canada the Koch Brothers donated over $500,000 to the Fraser Institute over the past four years. Even worse, most of these right-wing groups have charity status, which means donations are non-taxed and can be used as write-offs.



Of course the mainstream media never points out who funds these groups because that would hurt their corporate interests. Even worse, the media treats these fake groups as serious critics, just to appear objective. Even CBC news regularly quotes the Fraser Institute.

Thanks to an article in the guardian.co.uk (but not in any Canadian news media) the connection between these think-tanks in Canada and their billionaire funders is becoming a bit clearer. But don't expect to see any of these connections talked about in the Canadian media.



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