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100 years ago, in 1914, millions of workers went to battle and slaughtered each other in the millions in a war that confuses and divides historians still.

Today, in 2014, another war is being waged but this time it is a war being waged by Governments in alliance with corporations against workers and their families. It is a war being fought not with bullets but with laws, lies and lawyers.

It is a real war with real casualties. Children going to school hungry; the elderly forced to wait for someone to die before they can get a bed in the few nursing homes available; workers dying on unsafe job sites, people dying from unsafe food, long lineups at hospitals and the homeless freezing on city streets.

Just because there are no flags and no uniforms, doesn’t mean the war isn’t real and doesn’t mean the war is not happening. It is happening all around us and it is happening to all of us.

CSIS & The Secret Police

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