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OM farewell edit2

It’s been a great five years folks but our funding’s run out so we have to sign off.

It’s been great because over the years we reached a whole range of individuals and groups who stood up and spoke out on issues affecting them. Speaking out is never easy, especially if your job or your family’s welfare is at stake. But you spoke out. You spoke out against a system you considered unjust and people listened -two and a half million of them with this number increasing every day. And for that we thank you.

Our core team is made up of Bert Deveaux, Suzanne Babin, Stephanie Gauthier, Dave Horst & Peter Kavanagh. All of us loved working at Operation Maple. We also want to thank Christian Pearson, Erica Deutschman, Kathleen Quinn and Hannah Cheesman who often worked alongside us contributing their writing, research, editing skills and general good will. Operation Maple survived because along with Deveaux-Babin Productions, NUPGE (National Union of Public & General Employees) supported Operation Maple. To that end we’d like to send a big shout-out to James Clancy, the president of NUPGE. With James’ support we were able to produce mini-documentaries in which the views and feelings of millions of Canada’s less fortunate were heard across the country, many for the first time.
All Operation Maple videos will continue to be available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/OperationMaple/videos

Farewell and again a big thank you to you all.